The Bridge, Part 1

There is yet another article in Issue Number 19, Winter 2003 of The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter submitted by Cynthia Lenssen that is about the relationship between Texts 1 and 2. There is so much valuable information in this issue, we may never move on!

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“In earlier years Mary presented the contents of our Texts 1 and 2 in a single text. She gradually changed the sequence of pages and finally separated them into two texts. Contemplating the sequence of pages from page 1 of Text 1 to page 61 of Text 2, I see the story of Generation and Regeneration: a gradual, somewhat linear (with many important exceptions) description of Universal Energy forming the blueprint of my Being in its multitudinous aspects. That Mary puts this story in the form of two texts indicates separation and relationship: a bridge.

“The Mediator Flow is the bridge from Text 1 (What IS) – Story of Creation – to Text 2 (That which is) – story of the source of energy for the body of man.” ~ Mary.

From the pure Fire of the Main Central, from the expansive Air and Thought of Supervisor, is born the Mediator – Water – the River: fertile, carrier of Universal Energy into Life Energy – coursing, eddying, pooling, streaming. This river births and nourishes the SEVENTEEN “INDIVIDUALIZED” BODY FUNCTION ENERGY (17: spirit born on the Mediator, Spirit at the level of the hipline, of Body). These are the Earth of my Being – the 12 Organ Function Energy – and their five relationship facilitators.

Who, what, where is this bridge?  We see its pathway in the body on page 52 of Text 1. There’s a difference in quality between the flows preceding this page – all on the Main Central or Supervisor level – and those after. With the introduction of DIAGONAL MEDIATOR UNIVERSAL HARMONIZING ENERGY, all the flow patterns are “doing” something: eliminating, adjusting, correcting, reversing and increasing. With each of these flow patterns a specific aspect of the relationship of Mediator (bridge) to Trinity (what IS) is harmonized, making the Trinity Energy available for the flow patterns of Text 2.

As I begin to explore this bridge, the Mediator, I recognize its presence and activity throughout both texts and in my daily life. It energizes my vision, my understanding and my actions. Mediator is born at Safety Energy Lock 3 (3: Understanding). Mediator is born in the 3rd Depth (3rd Depth: Quintessence, Vibration: “…the nearest thing to the Creator that man can get” ~ Mary). It is through 3rd Depth that I see. Descriptions of the 26 SAFETY ENERGY LOCKS, the DEPTHS, of MAIN CENTRAL VERTICAL UNIVERSAL HARMONIZING ENERGY, of MAJOR VERTICAL SUPERVISOR UNIVERSAL HARMONIZING ENERGY are all descriptions of Light as differentiating into specific frequencies: color, sound, quality, number. All these descriptions utilize word and image to direct my consciousness toward What IS – the indescribable.”

To be continued…

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