Connect the…..between Text 1…..Text 2, Part 2

…continuing the article in Issue Number 19, Winter 2003 of The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter submitted by Anita Willoughby:

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“So, we take the 8 and divide it into 2 (worlds) and the meaning of the Safety Energy Lock #4, as the bridge from the spiritual to the physical and the physical to the spiritual, becomes clearer. So, this is why we gently touch the 4’s at the beginning of life, to get the 4’s in sync and connected to heaven, through the rainbow bridge or through Alice’s tunnel. This is why we touch the fours, at the end of life, when we are transitioning back to formlessness. This is why, Day #4 in class, feels like a spaceship, landing on mother earth. There is a moment, where all is……..then a magical, mystical transformation takes place. The Safety Energy Lock #4 bridges the invisible world to the visible world, so the 4’s are our connecting link from heaven to earth. Safety Energy Lock #4, day #4, where the soul enters the body, through the bridge of the four…….. The 4’s are in charge of motion and movement through our four limbs, so we awaken and take on form and movement, in that quality of being four.

Now, I have experienced through teaching, that qualitative difference between the two Texts. I know that on Day #4, I have come down to earth. It is still a mystery to me, when the transition takes place, and maybe that’s okay. It’s okay, to have a little bit of mystery left in our lives. We don’t have to know and understand everything. Maybe metaphor and simile are enough, and experience is actually the great teacher. We know, we simply know when we have arrived. some of us may have travelled across a bridge, some of us may have traveled on a ferry boat ride, through the mists and others may have passed through a tunnel, but we are all born and pass through birth into life and back again. So we understand that the magical bridge, the transformative tunnel, the moment between these two texts, is unspoken and unspeakable…….. It is the moment of alchemy, when a miraculous process occurs, where we change from one form into another, or we pass from the invisible to the visible, within the magic infinity of the #8, back and forth through the bridge of the Safety Energy Locks #4.”

Thank you, Anita.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.


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