“Bridging” Text 1 and 2, Part 2

continuing the article by Carlos Gutterres in Issue Number 19, Winter 2003 of The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter…(Don’t forget that you can purchase this copy of The Main Central at http://www.jsjinc.net.)

“When, as practitioners of the Art, we treat someone, an interaction of the two texts takes place in our inner selves, for we can’t see the clients and their projects except through the view of one of the books. We normally perform body reading, listen to the pulse, and treat the client correlating the totality of the knowledge acquired. We do this by realizing which are the causes and effects and by acting, both in the energetic dimension and in the physical level. This interaction tends to get deeper as we, through the study, practice and self-knowledge process, move from technical procedures, our starting point, to the expression of the Art, which is our main desire.

Studying Safety Energy Locks (Text 1) is like studying the numbers – we are apparently dealing with abstractions. It is like an elementary school student asking himself, what is the practical use of learning, memorizing and writing all these numerical symbols? However when the student needs to make a phone call and realizes he may communicate with someone through a sequence of numbers, for the first time, he crosses the bridge between the abstract and the concrete worlds. We may say something similar happens when a Jin Shin Jyutsu student applies self-help, or receives a specific sequence of Safety Energy Locks, such as: R#5 and L coccyx (central #25), then L#14, R#13 and L#22. He will feel a very specific communication was established with his own body. He will have testified the practical effect of receiving the Spleen Flow (Text 2).

Maybe this is the most simple and fundamental relationship between the wisdom present in the two books. However, in the beginning it is necessary to learn how to consciously establish the connection from the most elementary levels in the books, as if we need to remember how to integrate expiration with inspiration to keep breathing. By practicing this, we realize how different breathing with focus and breathing unconsciously are. The difference is as deep as the action of dissolving or generating tensions.

The Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu requires an amalgamate of opposite things, apparently as different as energy and matter, yin and yang, spirit and body, Safety Energy Locks and organs. The Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu is becoming aware and making connections among the parts, since everything that exists integrates into the Oneness. The place where everything manifests is known by the name of Universe, “Universo” in Latin. “Uni” means One and “Verso” means Side; then there is no “Otherverse” (other side) for the manifestation. Thinking this way, it is logical that all things are related in a way, once they are interactive integrating parts of this unit. Understanding that all things are related is walking forward in the comprehension of the universal harmony as a reality…as everlasting reality, with the balance present everywhere, it Was, Is and Will Be, forever Being.

This ability of relating, ranges from simple things such as establishing bridges of understanding between exhale and inhale, and Text 1 and Text 2, to very subtle things such as thinking about the relationship between man and the Universe or the individual and the Dot (Source). The melting pot where all these things combine is the bridge that connects each individualized expression with the totality of manifestation. This intersection where all things may be related is the awareness of human beings. Practicing these relationships and living this knowledge is what makes us truly be humans, that is, what makes us truly be a unique and conscious expression of the Dot’s (Source’s) desire of Being.”

Thank you, Carlos.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.



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