I’m thinking about truth…

I have been seeking the truth since I was 6 years old. My journey has been long and lessons hard-learned. Jin Shin Jyutsu opened my awareness to truths I had rejected and sent me on a path of discovery.

My discoveries included (very limited) awareness and understanding of other cultures, belief systems, ancient healing arts, mathematics, astronomy, astrology and physics. I’ve sought out history of great men and women who applied their lives to find the truth. On their way, many modern discoveries that benefit mankind came to light.

The first thing I tried to understand was “Why did I have to suffer so?” Not unlike Buddha, I needed to change the question. My new question was “Why do so many people suffer and what can alleviate the suffering”. While I received a partial answer in discovering that I am a healer, a tool of the Universe, it was still not the right question. Now my question is, “Now that I am on my spiritual path, what is the goal?”

That answer has been a little harder. Today I believe my goal in this life is to proceed spiritually to be one with the Universe as the manifestation of pure universal and eternal love.

Some Eastern philosophies believe that 30 days (in Earth space/time 4th dimension understanding) before we are conceived as new life in our mother’s womb, we choose our parents. We choose them so that we may proceed on our eternal spiritual path to achieve the goal of manifested pure love.

I once rejected the idea of Karma, reincarnation, out of body experiences, aliens from beyond our 4 dimensions, healing touch, Angel Circles, unity with all life forms (animal, vegetable, mineral), scientific theories (I mean, they are only theories, right?), non-verbal communication with spirit-beings, numerology, psychic phenomena, mysticism, etc. Now I believe, “Why not?”

Through my various studies, I’ve learned about the possibility of generational curses, illnesses, good Karma, bad Karma. I am open to all these possibilities. I have a friend who is fully Mayan. There are not many Mayans alive today. She knows her people’s history, traditions, spirituality, etc. She is very wise. She believes that Mayan masters guide people who will receive their guidance. In part, she believes that the negativity we are subjected to in these 4 dimensions, can drain our energy and limit our ability to do what we are called to do. As a result, the Mayan guides provide regeneration to all who accept in another dimension. She has seen me there, getting an “oil change” as it were! I have no conscious awareness of that, but I’ve known this woman for many years and she is completely believable. She gains no earthly profit but speaks truth. The Mayan guides told her to deliver a message to me, which she did. She could not possibly have known the truth and the need of that message, but it gave encouragement and guidance to me.

I have had an out of body experience…many years ago…my spirit was escaping from exquisite pain. Again, I had no awareness of it, but I was in New Jersey, my brother-in-law was in Massachusetts, and he saw me walking toward him and when he stopped doing what he was doing to talk to me, I vanished before his eyes. He was a conservative, down-to-earth ex-Marine who was not spiritual in any sense of the word. He called me that evening to tell me and to ask what was going on and I just said, I don’t know. He pondered that to his death. I ponder it still, but I believe it occurred.

You will see that I often post guiding words from the Council of Orion, the Arcturians…I believe that these “alien” beings want to help humanity. I pay attention to what they have to say.

I’ve had my natal solar chart read and am amazed at what a perfect stranger shared with me from merely studying the position of the planets/stars on the date and time and place of my birth. I am charting my own Vedic chart. I do these things for greater understanding that will enable me to bring healing of mind/body/spirit to all living things.

I consider numerology in my life…the information and guidance it can give. Why not? I consider Paganism, which only means that people worship nature. I consider the spiritual insights of Native Americans.

I am open-minded. I am willing to learn. In my earlier life, I grabbed onto established belief systems and followed like a little lamb. Then I began to question what I was experiencing.

We all must do our own work, walk our own path (where, happily, we share that path with other seekers…like you!), learn that the purpose of life is to learn and within that purpose to love and serve all life.

Remembering that I am expressing myself in words which are translated different ways in different languages and, in the end, only words. There is a Power Greater than myself. That Power has many names (words used to express anyone’s understanding of that Power at any point in their journey). They are only name-words.

That Power, (unmanifested energy?) is, to my understanding today, Energetic Universal Love.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


One thought on “I’m thinking about truth…

  1. Rico Dolot

    That was beautiful. However, I am intrigued by the lines which said that: “Some Eastern philosophies believe that 30 days (in Earth space/time 4th dimension understanding) before we are conceived as new life in our mother’s womb, we choose our parents. We choose them so that we may proceed on our eternal spiritual path to achieve the goal of manifested pure love.”
    Maybe I am on my own spiritual journey and discovery and still have to learn these philosophies, but I’ve always maintained that children do not choose their parents. Parents always had that obligation to look after the child and his/her needs. Parents should never expect “payment” from their children, even if the Commandment says “honor thy father and thy mother”. The commandment was explicit: it was necessary for the child to honor, but not love the parents. Some parents turn out to be bad parents, so love can never be demanded from the child. i consider it a “bonus” if the child would love (not just honor) the parents.


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