Stomach and Spleen: From the Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter

Recently there has been interest in the mental/emotional disharmonies and I mentioned face flows would help in a previous post.

It seems good and appropriate to share from The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, number 43, Winter 2004. You may obtain your own copy of this newsletter at and I strongly recommend that! I have all copies of the Main Central and find it was a great investment.

The Stomach and the Spleen Function Energy The Descending and Ascending Helpers of the First Depth On the 12 Organ Function Level” contributed by Cristina Minamisawa

“These two flows bring the vibration of this particular depth into manifestation.

As manifested organs, both Stomach and Spleen live at the waistline, in the center, between Heaven and Earth, at the level of Human experience.

‘By chance,’ I am writing on a Saturday, the day ruled by Saturn, master and ruler of the First Depth. It is the sixth day of Creation when the whole blueprint for the individualized expression – Man – was completed and the Creator was ready to rest. The Oneness is ready to manifest, and it does so through the quality of the Earth element, the center, the ground that supports our lives in this existence, that supplies our food and nourishment, the basis for all the other elements, the cycles of beginning and ending – the Phoenix that arises from the ashes. Spirit comes down and is contained by Earth, it provides the form and the structure, helps us to keep our boundaries through the Skin Surface, to receive from Heaven and manifest Heaven on this plane.

Worry is the attitude that affects the First Depth: I have been worried about this article for months, hoping a ‘big’ inspiration would come down and magically manifest itself. No-thing seemed to happen. I started giving myself both flows waiting for them to speak to me. This morning I received the CD: “What Mary Says” and as I listened to Philomena’s warm, loving voice I heard, “Worry prevents us from receiving.” Hah! Hah! Thank you Mary for your wisdom! Being worried prevented me from getting started, receiving the inspiration I was so anxiously waiting for and bringing it into form…

Mary chose these two flows as a self-help practice, a clue to their power.

The Stomach Flow is the exhale, one of the face Flows, it brings down the Spirit from head to toe, emptying out our thoughts and emotions (mental-emotional stresses), helping us to digest our limited beliefs, self images, thoughts (obsession is undigested thoughts that keep going round and round in our minds), food and all the modern life stimuli. As the energy spirals down to become Man, thoughts and beliefs are like filters that may diminish or distort the blueprint, resulting in a disharmonized expression. As Mary says, “The body is the mirror of our thoughts.” So, the Stomach Function Energy is one of the great helpers if we want to manifest a healthy and harmonious body.”

To be continued….

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


I remember that Sara Harper said that if you just jumper-cable your thumb for the rest of your life, you will enjoy harmony of body, mind and spirit. She teaches an awesome class…I simply love her soul.


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