A reader asks about mental or emotional disharmony

 A reader wrote: I wish i was as mentally strong as you. I am perfectly alright physically but not emotionally. One year back I did lots of things. i have always kept myself busy, but lately, though I plan to do a lot of things, I don’t end up doing it.i want to exercise, do my self help (i have lots of faith in jin shin)work etc. I feel guilty,need help.

Here is a short answer:

The first thing I suggest is that you seek medical advice to rule out anything physiological. You may want to seek counseling with a psychologist or psychiatrist, as well. Remember that Jin Shin Jyutsu supports medical treatment.

Mary teaches us that Jin Shin Jyutsu is threefold (like us? Like the Power greater than ourselves?):

  1. Physio-Philosophy-Awareness of Myself – roots – bustline SELs 10/13
  2. Physio-Psychology-Understanding of Myself – trunk – waistline SELS 9/14
  3. Physio-Physiology-Technique for Myself – harvest – hipline SELs 2/15

Jin Shin Jyutsu helps our threefold self.

If you are experiencing mental/emotional disharmony, utilizing face flows will help. You may find your handout from the 5-day class helpful. Face flows have relationship with SEL 14 and include the Gallbladder Body Function Energy, the Bladder Body Function Energy and the Stomach Body Function Energy. I always remember that Stomach Body Function Energy Flow helps digestion…in the stomach and in the mind…digesting thoughts and other mental/emotional disharmony.

Another Jin Shin Jyutsu quickie flow that helps me is harmonizing the Depths, especially 2nd Depth. I like to practice conscious breaths while I hold my head with both hands. 1st Depth is above my ears. 2nd Depth is my forehead. 3rd Depth is the upper back of my head, 4th Depth is lower back of my head (around SELs 4), 5th Depth is deep within my head and 6th Depth is the top of my head.

While these flows will help, you will still have to do the work. You need to seek your own truth and discover your own purpose. Close friends provide safe people to talk to as you try to figure out the disharmony. It is my experience that when I have emotional disharmony that practically paralyzes other parts of my life, if I reach out to help someone else, I stop obsessing with “me” and get some relief simply by helping someone else. Then I am able to think clearly and rationally…at least for a while! For me, mental disharmony is usually initiated by fear. The antidote to fear is faith…for me.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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