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A reader asks about a relative whose right shoulder is higher than her left…

If your Mum came to me as a client, the first thing I’d do is a body reading. I would watch how she walks, sits, stands, and lies down. I would note disharmonies above-below, left and right. I would then walk around the table and notice heaviness or lightness at bust/waist/hip lines. I would evaluate the weight of one limb compared to others.

Does she habitually carry a large bag with her left arm? What kind of shoes are worn?

Now that I have harmony and disharmony noted in my mind, I would listen to her 12 pulses. I would look for harmony. If I notice disharmony, I would note which body organ flows might be involved in the disharmony of the flow.

If the client’s right shoulder is higher than the left shoulder, the cause might be on a body, mind or spiritual level – or any combination of all three levels. I would consider the Depths that are involved.

All this would be done in about 2 minutes. Then I would ask the client if s/he could verbalize specific complaints.

So, in approximately 5 minutes, I have gleaned a lot of information that will guide me to help my client. Now I have an idea of which Safety Energy Locks are “stuck”. If energy is stuck below, I need to help the body bring the energy above. If energy is stuck above, I need to help the body to bring the energy down.

I want to acknowledge which SELs are around the shoulder area…3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, hi 19, 22. I want to acknowledge the Depths that might be involved…skeletal (5th Depth), muscular (4th Depth), deep skin (2nd Depth) and I will quickly listen to the body pulses of those SELs and Depths.

In Text II, I can see that Lung Function Energy flows through the shoulder, as do the Large Intestine, Stomach, Umbilicus and Liver Body Function Energy Flow.

I can utilize special body function flows and finger flows! The Main Central, both Supervisors, Mediators and conscious breaths.

Or you may choose to use the following flow:

Front of Neck Flow

L on R side of neck; spread fingers slightly (this is SEL 12)

R on R High 19

R on R 18 at base of thumb

R on R index finger, thumb side

R on R middle finger, inside

R on R ring finger, outside

R on R little finger, outside


L on R 11

L on R 22

L on R 4

L on R 14

L on L high 1

L on L little toe

L on L big toe