Harmonizing Blood Pressure Projects, Fall 2013

Better Health For Yourself!….
“Self-Change starts with Self-Study.” – Mary Burmeister
Did you know that we all have the innate power to
help and heal ourselves?

“You don’t stop laughing because you grow old; you grow old because you stop laughing”
~Quote from Page 20 of “WHAT MARY SAY’S” by Mary Burmeister

Get to “KNOW (Help) MYSELF” by using the following simple steps to Help Harmonize Blood pressure. Try these methods each time you have a blood pressure project and see what differences you notice…It’s that simple!


Blood pressure projects of all kinds can be harmonized utilizing finger holds and certain flow patterns from the Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help Books. With any kind of discomfort we are looking to move energy to a greater place of harmony.

Try these Methods;

Hold your little finger, left then right (or vice versa), until you feel a pulse (or hold for 2 minutes if pulse is not detected). Hold your middle finger in the same way. To maximize result, exhale, drop your shoulders, smile and naturally inhale as you hold each finger. Many people do multiples of 9 exhalations and inhalations, up to 36 times per finger. You can adapt this breathing practice to each method below. This will also help you de stress and relax

Place both hands on your sit bones (SEL 25s). Feel the pulse.

Place Left hand in left groin area (SEL 15) and Right hand on left shoulder (SEL 11). Feel the Pulse.

You can follow with:
Right hand in right groin area (SEL 15) and Left hand on right shoulder (SEL 11).

From: MO, JSJ Practitioner.

My mother-in-law suffered a stroke just 2 weeks after my first class. I had my husband hold his right hand on her neck with his left palm on top until I could get to the ER. I was 20 minutes away from the hospital when he called me. When I got to her room, I immediately looked at the monitor and it looked really bad. Her heart rate was 150 and her blood pressure was through the roof. My father-in-law told the doctor she had not taken her BP medication for almost 3 weeks. Even on blood pressure meds, her blood pressure was very high and uncontrollable.
When I got there, she was hooked up to everything in sight and I remembered hearing if someone was having a heart attack, to hold the left little finger and put the other hand between the shoulder blades on the back. I could not get to her back so I just held the little finger while my husband continued to hold her neck with his right hand with left palm over it. I thought she would either have another stroke or have a heart attack with the numbers I was seeing on
the monitor. The doctors would not give her anything and they wanted her to “bleed out”. Every time I grabbed her little finger, the monitor would go from 150 heart rate IMMEDIATELY to 70 the very next beat. It was a miracle.

Of course, holding the little finger was too simple for me and I thought I should do something more. However, I didn’t know enough having only learned JSJ just 2 weeks earlier. Finally, out of frustration because of the hospital bed and the monitor connections, I simply sat down to hold the little finger. After 15 minutes of holding that left little finger only because my other hand could not get under her back, her blood pressure came down to  normal numbers and her heart rate calmed down to a steady 70. My husband, who thought this was all quackery, saw the same thing. It was on the monitor. This was verifiable.

He is now a believer in the art and I was too that night. I had medical proof that holding the left little finger brought her heart rate down and lowered her high blood pressure without the use of any interventional drugs. The proof was on the monitor and with my mother-in-law, who survived the stroke without having a heart attack. It’s that easy to start reducing stress and start healing yourself! Share this information with others who also want better health for themselves.

JIN – Man of Knowing and Compassion
SHIN – Creator
Art of the Creator through Man of Knowing and Compassion

This post is taken from the headquarters of Jin Shin Jyutsu, Inc., in Scottsdale, AZ, USA. You can find more information about this profound Japanese art for better health and wellbeing at http://www.jsjinc.net.

The information in this sheet is copyright JSJ Inc.

Jin Shin Jyutsu® and the information on this page is not a substitute for conventional medical treatment or emergency care. If you have a medical condition, consult your regular medical professional or emergency care provider.

2 thoughts on “Harmonizing Blood Pressure Projects, Fall 2013

  1. bhavna shah

    excellent blog.
    .my mom’s right shoulder is higher then her left shoulder. what should i do ?.kindly advice.


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