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Adaptability, the Body’s Response to Impermanence

Phyllis Singer’s article may be found in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter Number 33, Summer 2001 and purchased at

“Students of the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu have often heard and witnessed, “The only thing permanent about life is change.” Philosophically speaking, when we keep ourselves adapted to the now, we will live in the harmony of the present. “SMILE. I have never experienced this Breath I am ever before nor will I ever again. Enjoy the Breath that I am now.” – (Self-Help Book III, pg. 10). Know Myself BE IT IS, IS.

Changes in season bring a particular challenge to life as the spirit, mind and body go through much transition while accepting this change. Mary used to say, “Happiness is a function of accepting what is. ” In keeping with Mary’s teachings, I offer a quickie couch potato flow (a flow that is actually a pose to comfortably hold) for all of us to apply for easy transition into summer or the hottest time of any season. In Florida, a state where summer descends as suddenly as winter blows into the Northern states, the need for this flow is particularly evident.

Cross the hands over the chest, palms under the collarbones, Safety Energy Lock 22’s, with fingertips touching the upper arms, Safety Energy Lock hi 19’s. Find the ideal position for your comfort, remembering that there is always a  way. If it isn’t convenient to apply a certain hold, find an alternative, and keep the ideal in mind. Now place the pad of your big toe-Safety Energy Lock 7-on the opposite inside ankle, Safety Energy Lock 5. The second part of this flow is to reverse the foot position.

This flow is particularly useful when one is going into any kind of change. As well as corresponding to th hottest time of any season, it also can help with the hottest, potentially worrisome life issues, helping us to be flexible while choosing transformation. It also provides a dynamic way to increase flexibility at all levels and is a simple, quickie self-help to facilitate being in harmony with the now or in “FLOW” as described by Mary in Self-Help Book III, pg. 2.

As self-help practitioners, we are often looked upon to answer family’s, friend’s, client’s or student’s questions on self-help for a variety of projects, especially on a one-to-one basis. Remember Mary’s conversation about the Safety Energy Locks in Self-Help Book II, pg. 6, “Just as they are named, they are our truest friends, SAFETY Energy Locks…if we heed their friendly concern, we can instantly help ourselves from misery…”

I suggest that we heed Mary’s wisdom and get to know our friends, the SAFETY Energy Locks. Using the couch potato flow above (also known as the Adapter Flow), we know that 22’s mean complete; gathering and dispersal. 22 is a critical-to-life Safety Energy Lock. For me, I hear that as my ability to receive-inhale-GATHER, and to give-exhale-DISPERSE, 22 can assist with any projects involving the balance of receiving and giving, or exhaling and inhaling. 22 represents ATTENTION (gathering) and INTENTION (dispersal) and can harmonize our consciousness. 22 can help with “harmonizing concepts, help to release perceptions into boundless dimensions.” (Self-Help Book II, pg. 55) Mary is letting us know that 22 can help us free our minds so that we can drop old reactions into the pleasure of the now, allowing the future to be the unknown exploration and adventure in front of us.

Looking at page 20 in Self-Help Book II we see that the friendship with 5 brings us “regeneration, putting off the old and putting on the new. 5 helps us to adapt to natural conditions to be liberated from all bondage.” Add the order that 7 brings; we find perfect life power and the experience of personal success and triumph. Add to that the energy of 19 (remember the placement of the fingertips while palming the 22’s?), and we now have our personal authority and leadership enhanced. I call the 19’s NOW TRUST MYSELF.

So if someone asks you a Jin Shin Jyutsu question out of the blue, remember to ask for help from our truest friends, the Safety Energy Locks. If you are not experiencing your already existent, ever-present relationship with the Safety Energy Locks, apply the Adapter Flow for a reset as it will assist you in “presencing” yourself so as to come through. Like any friendship with individuals in our personal lives,each Safety Energy Lock brings its own precious gifts. It is up to us to ask and to receive.”

Thank you, Phyllis.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

An Open Letter to Mary Burmeister, Part 2

Wayne Hackett wrote a beautiful letter to Mary that was published in issue Number 19, Winter 1997/1998 of the Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter.

This is the second part of that letter:

“Along the way, we came to Boulder, Colorado, a beautiful little city filled with liveliness and magic. I met my life’s partners and the word “home” held new meaning. Soon, I had resigned my position, said “Good-bye” to my young sojourners, and, in 1972, moved to Boulder. The journey had a new beginning. Joyfully, the search continued.

Strengthened with newly found emotional and personal security, I began exploring possible paths for my life’s work. Boulder presented many choices. The human potential, new age, holistic health, spiritual and metaphysical communities each made available a diverse range of studies. Teachers and disciplines from both western and eastern traditions beckoned. for five years, I looked; and, with determination, the search continued.

When a friend suggested I attend a Jin Shin Jyutsu seminar, I accepted yet another invitation. Though I had never heard of Jin Shin Jyutsu and had not felt its healing touch, desire and curiosity lead me to your door. Grace and good fortune allowed me to enter.

That opening, that Monday, now twenty years behind us, lives as though it were yesterday. It was, without doubt, one of the most providential moments of my life. Suddenly, seemingly random pieces found relationship. Mysterious and misunderstood events could be seen as proper, necessary steps in a grand orchestration. With your light to illuminate the way, the search became the path.

When I ponder Jin Shin Jyutsu, it is sometimes difficult to separate the message from the messenger. The Creator has given us the artless Art as innate wisdom; you, Mary, demonstrate Jin Shin Jyutsu as a way of living. Your dedication and commitment have inspired us to BE happy and healthy, to Now Know (help) Myself. Your compassion has taught us to be gentle with ourselves and each other. Your boundless, inexhaustible energy, so freely given, provides evidence that energy never tires. Through your wise and loving hands, we have been healed, spiritually, mentally and physically. through your instruction, our hands have touched the world, helping family and friends to find greater health and harmony. In times of fear and doubt, your courage has sustained us. What an awesome and beautiful example you BE! We are blessed to call you Teacher.

I am especially grateful for shared moments of magic and miracles. Whether it be your hands on my body, your voice in my ear, or your teachings in my heart, you are always with me. During quiet sacred moments of treatment, you are there. In the hospital delivery room and at the bedside of a dying friend, you are there. Thank you for your constant and loving presence. And thank you for the opportunity to travel the world and share your message with students of Jin Shin Jyutsu. It thrills my soul. In every class, you are there.

Now with you by my side, the search continues.




Thank you, Wayne.

Thank you, Mary.

I’m thinking…

…about stillness



30th NOVEMBER 2014

“Greetings Dear Ones.

We are the High Council of Orion.

Today’s messages about stillness and the importance of stillness in your life. As your life unfolds, as you move forward as you move into a greater expression of who you are, as life challenges you and you respond to the challenge, stillness is a very important aspect of the change, of your ease through the transitions. Some might call stillness “meditation”. Yet it does not need to look like meditation as is taught on your planet so widely.

Stillness is taking those few moments out to just be: to sit and observe nature, to take moments where you’re not making a “to do” list and an action every moment that you’re awake. It includes stillness of the mind. Stillness of the mind is not the “blank mind”. It is not the mind that you judge for the thousands of thoughts that fleet by in any given moment. Stillness of the mind can be achieved by just being in observation and allowing without needing to respond, without needing to make a list, without needing to be in action around any of it just as you would if you were out in nature. You would observe that the trees, the animals, the flower, the snow, whatever it is that’s around you. You would be in a place of observing and not feeling that you needed to necessarily do something about the way nature has presented herself. In that same way you can observe that which is going on in your mind without needing to be in a place of response to it.

Why bring up this idea of stillness? From the place of stillness the energy of who you are that extends far beyond your physical body has an opportunity to energize, re-energize, expand into a fuller expression of itself. As you do that you have the ability to connect with more information that’s around you, that unseen information. It can allow you to have a different perspective. It can allow you to see a new point of view. It can allow you to just feel a greater sense of relaxation, which, again, opens up your energy field.

Many of the things that are taught on your planet at this time as “good things to do” are beneficial because they’re beneficial to the energy systems of your body that extend out far beyond your physical body. It’s not just about rejuvenating your experience of your mind, your emotions, and your physicality. It’s about enlivening and extending, expanding the energetic field around you. When this is done with conscious awareness that what you are doing in the moment is expanding your energy field you can even begin to feel and sense that. You can begin to learn what your energy field is like just as you know what your physical body is like.

Allowing stillness into your life allows you to begin to live into this larger physical energetic body that is just as real as the physical body, yet the density is so different it is hard for you to perceive it in the dimension where you are. As you begin to bring more awareness to this energetic expansion of who you are it can become as real as your physical body. As you do you become more attuned to the information that’s already within the energetics of your expanded light body and allow that information to easily flow into the denser aspects of your experience at this time.

Your ability to feel and respond to this information might come as a surprise where suddenly new information coming in! Perhaps you feel your intuition has expanded. Perhaps the synchronicities and Ah Ha moments will seem to increase as a result of this. It’s you opening up to that greater body of information that is still within and part of the energetics of who you are. All of this can come about through choosing those moments of stillness and drawing your awareness to this larger field of energy that you already are and have your awareness and your life enriched by it.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

© 2014 Copyright Holly Hawkins Marwood

This channeled message may be reproduced in it’s entirety provided it is kept in its original form and not altered or changed in any way, with the author and a link to clearly displayed as shown below.
Channel: Holly Hawkins Marwood

I’m thinking verse 71 of the Tao…

This verse reminds me that most change and growth in my life came about as a result of being sick and tired of being sick and tired.


Knowing what cannot be known ~

what a lofty aim!

Not knowing what needs to be known ~

what a terrible result!

Only when your sickness becomes sick will your sickness disappear

The Sage’s illness has become ill

his renunciation has been renounced

Now he is free

And every place in this world is the perfect place to be



…Verse 71 from “Tao Te Ching”

Lao-Tzu, translated by Jonathan Star
ISBN: 978-158542-618-8

An Open Letter to Mary Burmeister

Wayne Hackett wrote a beautiful letter to Mary that was published in issue Number 19, Winter 1997/1998 of the Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter. Though I never met Mary face-to-face, I feel as though I’ve known her all my life. Her picture is with my family pictures that I look at every day and receive the loving energy from each in their spiritual form. I invite Mary to guide me when I give a session, do self-help, study…and I am aware of her presence. So, like Wayne, I call her Teacher and am grateful that the Universe brought me to her.

Wayne writes:

“Dear Mary,

The date was November 14, 1977, a warm, sunny Monday in Scottsdale, and I was happy to have a week’s retreat from the already cool, autumn temperatures of Boulder. My temporary home, room 151 at the Motel 6, was stocked with all the snacks and goodies necessary to insure a time of comfortable relaxation. I had a new spiral notebook and pens for note-taking. I was ready for life’s next adventure.

My childhood had been spent in a loving home, a place where I was nurtured and encouraged. Confidence and capability were taught. Playfulness was instilled. A deep and strong spiritual desire was implanted and cultivated. The journey began.

College came and brought with it new freedoms and responsibilities, new challenges and opportunities, and the onset of adult-life lessons. Four years of academic success permitted my entrance into the University of Oregon School of Dentistry, and offered the fulfillment of my earliest career ambitions. Soon, however, emotional and spiritual unrest overwhelmed me. I was dissatisfied with myself, my life and its direction. I withdrew from dental school to pursue a degree in education and a teaching career. Teaching, I thought, would be the purpose my soul was seeking. The idealism I carried would find its expression.

I taught science at the high school level, but quickly, and sadly, realized that the current system of learning would neither allow nor satisfy my own growing hunger for a deeper meaning and a richer involvement in life. With idealism intact, I left the field of public education. The search continued.

I accepted a position as a teacher/counselor in a residential treatment center, where I worked with adolescents. Their social adjustment difficulties were not too much unlike my own. We shared similar confusions, and strangely, with them, I felt a common bond. Traveling throughout the Rocky Mountains, we lived in tents and slept in sleeping bags. We took care of ourselves and grew to care for each other. We played. We fought. We laughed and cried. I learned a lot. The work was exhausting.

To be continued…

Thank you, Wayne, for your transparency.