An Open Letter to Mary Burmeister, Part 2

Wayne Hackett wrote a beautiful letter to Mary that was published in issue Number 19, Winter 1997/1998 of the Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter.

This is the second part of that letter:

“Along the way, we came to Boulder, Colorado, a beautiful little city filled with liveliness and magic. I met my life’s partners and the word “home” held new meaning. Soon, I had resigned my position, said “Good-bye” to my young sojourners, and, in 1972, moved to Boulder. The journey had a new beginning. Joyfully, the search continued.

Strengthened with newly found emotional and personal security, I began exploring possible paths for my life’s work. Boulder presented many choices. The human potential, new age, holistic health, spiritual and metaphysical communities each made available a diverse range of studies. Teachers and disciplines from both western and eastern traditions beckoned. for five years, I looked; and, with determination, the search continued.

When a friend suggested I attend a Jin Shin Jyutsu seminar, I accepted yet another invitation. Though I had never heard of Jin Shin Jyutsu and had not felt its healing touch, desire and curiosity lead me to your door. Grace and good fortune allowed me to enter.

That opening, that Monday, now twenty years behind us, lives as though it were yesterday. It was, without doubt, one of the most providential moments of my life. Suddenly, seemingly random pieces found relationship. Mysterious and misunderstood events could be seen as proper, necessary steps in a grand orchestration. With your light to illuminate the way, the search became the path.

When I ponder Jin Shin Jyutsu, it is sometimes difficult to separate the message from the messenger. The Creator has given us the artless Art as innate wisdom; you, Mary, demonstrate Jin Shin Jyutsu as a way of living. Your dedication and commitment have inspired us to BE happy and healthy, to Now Know (help) Myself. Your compassion has taught us to be gentle with ourselves and each other. Your boundless, inexhaustible energy, so freely given, provides evidence that energy never tires. Through your wise and loving hands, we have been healed, spiritually, mentally and physically. through your instruction, our hands have touched the world, helping family and friends to find greater health and harmony. In times of fear and doubt, your courage has sustained us. What an awesome and beautiful example you BE! We are blessed to call you Teacher.

I am especially grateful for shared moments of magic and miracles. Whether it be your hands on my body, your voice in my ear, or your teachings in my heart, you are always with me. During quiet sacred moments of treatment, you are there. In the hospital delivery room and at the bedside of a dying friend, you are there. Thank you for your constant and loving presence. And thank you for the opportunity to travel the world and share your message with students of Jin Shin Jyutsu. It thrills my soul. In every class, you are there.

Now with you by my side, the search continues.




Thank you, Wayne.

Thank you, Mary.


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