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The Seasons

From The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, Volume 1, Number 3,,,

Wayne Hackett Explores Fourth Depth & Winter with Kim Lathrop:

Kim: Will you please speak to us about Fourth Depth and Winter?

Wayne: A picture that comes to me is how life at the visible level seems to have disappeared during wintertime (the plant re-seeds into the earth, hibernation), tempting us to perceive this as an ending instead of a transformation. Wintertime for us, as human beings, is the expression of that state during which the human form, in a sense, leaves its expression to become pure spirit again.

So Fourth Depth, as that traditional bridge  between matter and spirit, has a balancing action. Remember, Fourth Depth is the Number 6 which is the law and nature’s way of moving us to balance. And Mercury, the ruling planet of the Fourth Depth is saying, “I’m going to communicate with you”. Now we’re going from the man state back to the unman state, or from the material to the spiritual. So that action is simply a balancing time during which our dimensions, whether physical or spiritual, harmonize by changing form.

Neptune and Pluto, higher octaves of Mercury in the Fourth Depth, symbolize transformation – undeniable change. Man’s worldly understanding of this concept is that we’re born to die. We perceive that process, maybe not in its fullness, as a transformation. So these Plutonic events are inevitable occurrences that bring us into balance so that Mercury, communicating between our heavenly and earthly states, is a right action of balance. Thus the wintertime is simply that transformation. It is that which allows us to return to our pure essence so the cycle can begin again.

To further understand Fourth Depth and Winter, take the five-pointed star that’s the Order of Creation, the star in the thoracic vertebrae, and place on it the elements. We enter the Third Depth as the Sixth Depth manifests into the material body. Third Depth is Key or Chi, the life energy. Then moving clockwise is Fifth Depth, which is Fire: our desire to be. We move from the life force into its desire to be, its creativity, its impulse. Next we move into the Second Depth, which is the Air element having the ability to have reason or common sense.

As an aside, Second Depth is common sense and logic. It’s practicality. We tend to go so intellectually into reason and logic, thinking, philosophizing, and mentally analyzing, that we forget that this common sense is our gift. We don’t have to think about it. It is to know. Second Depth is symbolized by the Number 9, and 9 is to know, K-N-O-W. In our knowingness is our common sense. We don’t have to figure it out by analyzing it.

To be continued…

Thank you, Wayne.

Thank you, Kim.

Special 5-Day Seminar with Sadaki Kato

This is day 4 of this seminar.

It is such a privilege for me to attend!

Students are here from Brazil, Mexico, the Netherlands, Austria and various states within the United States of America. It is amazing. If you ever have an opportunity to attend one of these classes, do not hesitate.

Sadaki is wise and kind and compassionate…and very funny! He can sling a joke with the best of them! He is truly a gentleman, coming from a culture of respect and consideration, to this place where no one is ever on time and even when in our places, chatting loudly…we are SO rude! Shame on us. We mean well…we are so excited and the room is filled with joy and the energy transports us to an unusual place and we behave like naughty children. And Sadaki puts on a smile and walks through the various rooms calmly ringing a little bell to remind us we are, once again, late for class. He lovingly herds us as though we were sheep and he the shepherd!

So far, for me, I am not only learning from Master Murai’s texts which have been handed down to Sadaki, but from Haruki Kato’s texts and observations and I benefit from Sadaki’s hours of experience, research and training. I have an awareness that Jin Shin Jyutsu is not simply a way to bring harmony of mind, body and spirit, but is universal and eternal in application, touching all life including the elements in these 4 dimensions and beyond. Sadaki humbly suggests relationships between each sub-atomic particle causing me to think. That is what an excellent teacher does. He/she causes the student to think.

Tuesday I asked Sadaki if the scientific basis of Jin Shin Jyustu is quantum mechanics and he said yes. I will therefore continue pursing my understanding of these theories and truths. I’m still reading “The Dancing Wu Li Masters”. It is a beginning, yes?

Life is such a wonderful adventure of discovery and Jin Shin Jyutsu has opened my heart and mind to universal and eternal possibilities and truths.

This class explores the development and characteristics of Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) in Japan

  • Tracing the history of JSJ in Japan.
  • Reconstructing some of Master Jiro Murai’s JSJ lectures
  • Learning basic concepts from
    Haruki Kato’s “Jin Shin Jyutsu: Master Jiro Murai, the Originator, and His Work
    (The Method of Enhancing Tai-Eki Circulation Using Ki-Eki)
  • Acquainting with Haruki Kato’s teaching and practice of Jin Shin Jyutsu in Japan: Clinical Cases
  • Exploring and experiencing various flows and changes in conformation

So I may not only learn the given agenda, but I might even learn some manners!

Gassho, dear readers.

I’m thinking…



“It is only when we realize that life is taking us nowhere that it begins to have meaning.”
— P.D. Ouspensky

“All major mystical traditions have recognized that there is a paradox at the heart of the journey of return to Origin. …Put simply, this is that we are already what we seek, and that what we are looking for on the Path with such an intensity of striving and passion and discipline is already within and around us at all moments. The journey and all its different ordeals are all emanations of the One Spirit that is manifesting everything in all dimensions; every rung of the ladder we climb toward final awareness is made of the divine stuff of awareness itself; Divine Consciousness is at once creating and manifesting all things and acting in and as all things in various states of self-disguise throughout all the different levels and dimensions of the universe.”
— Andrew Harvey

“Look at you, you madman,

Screaming you are thirsty

And are dying in a desert.

When all around you there is nothing but water!”
— Kabir

“After changes upon changes, we are more or less the same.”
— Paul Simon

The Inner Journey is brought to you by John & Patrice Robson of

I’m thinking…

…about raising my sights


“A human being is a part of the whole, called by us ‘Universe,’ a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest – a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. Nobody is able to achieve this completely, but the striving for such achievement is in itself a part of the liberation and a foundation for inner security.”
— Albert Einstein

To grow in consciousness, we expand our perspectives on life. So how do we do that? The more we work with the universal — the concept of unity and wholeness, the more everything makes sense. Parts have meaning when they are understood to be parts of a bigger picture.

Consciousness is all about relationships — especially how the lower relates to the higher and how the darkness can exist within the light. Hold and experience contradictions like anger with love. Let opposites coexist in you without choosing one over the other.

“Higher consciousness, enLIGHTenment, comes from meaningful experiences and lessons passed with the understanding that there truly is only one law – the Law of Love. When one leads a life expressing this belief, the mind and heart begin to open to new realities, and other dimensional truths become known.”
— Dr. Norma Milanovich & Dr. Shirley McCune

The Inner Journey is brought to you by John & Patrice Robson of

I’m thinking…

…about horses I’ve known and loved.

My post about Carolynn’s horse, Nellea, brought back memories of a horse I bought many years ago because she was so beautiful.

At the time, she was 2 years old, 17-1/2 hands and still growing; an Appaloosa with high cheekbones, long lashes, incredibly beautiful to look at…and promised to be a comfortable western ride.

I had a rescue horse already, but this was my first experience actually looking for a comfortable riding, beautiful horse. My rescue, Algernon, was an all white western cutting horse , much smaller than Lucy and gave a really choppy ride. As a western rider, I was forced to post to save my bottom. Algernon made up for an uncomfortable ride by being cuddly. Yep. Cuddly. I would sit like a tailor in the paddock and Algernon would lay down on his side beside me and put his head in my lap and drink orange juice from a paper cup…but Algernon is another story.

As beautiful as Lucy was, she was a spoiled brat. I simply fell in love with her and didn’t even notice she had never been shod. Later, that turned into quite an experience for the farrier, who vowed to never return. But she was so beautiful!

Owning a horse is a privilege and a lot of work. Mucking out stalls, grooming…speaking of grooming, which includes frequent hoof-cleaning, Lucy revealed her spoiled attitude. In the stall, I would pick up one front hoof to clean it out and she would, very kindly, put her entire weight on the hoof I was holding.  Physics saved me because the other three hooves were on the ground, but she would lean her shoulder into my shoulder, just to let me know she was there. My beautiful Lucy.

After all, she did provide many hours of pleasant riding!

Now Know Myself

…from The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter Issue 18, Autumn 1997, Ian Kraut writes:

Now Know Myself.

“Three little words? Let’s take a look.

What is to know? In other western languages there are two separate words. One refers to having learned facts or things or concepts. The other means to be familiar with. It seems both apply here in Jin Shin Jyutsu. We can “know” that, for example, the 4th Depth includes the bladder and kidney function flows, is represented by S.E.L. #23, has the element  water, salty taste, color blue, attitude fear, etc. It’s good to have these words so our mind can organize and make sense of this information.

If we are introduced to a man – his name is John, 30 years old, 6 feet tall, brown hair, blue eyes, works as a carpenter…, we have an idea, an image, but do we know John? When we’ve spent some time in the realm of the 4th Depth, or Main Central or a S.E.L. gives us a greater chance to know it. What do I feel under my hands, in my body, or in my self when I practice self help or jumper cable someone else’s self?

Myself is everything I’ve learned in Text 1 and Text 2. Myself is everything I’ve carried into the world, and become in interaction with the world, the universe. I am down the front and up the back, the Breath. As Mary has said, I am the microcosm of the macrocosm.

Therefore everything I find in myself is what I can find in the universe, the same order, the same down the front and up the back. The same textures that are found in the pulse are found in the universe. I am a whole one, part of the whole one, with all the other myselves. Herein lies the man of compassion. When I know myself, I know the other selves, I know the universe.

Now, what is left, is now. Now as I write this. Now as you read this. Now…, again now…, again now!! No past, no future, only now. Not the pulses I heard yesterday, but now. Not the breath I breathe tomorrow, but now. Knowledge of things locks us in yesterday’s thoughts. Awareness of all that is right now lets me know myself. Now Know Myself will give us understanding of the Breath, of the Trinity, of 26 S.E.L.’s, etc.. By Now Know Myself can we truly practice the Art of the creator through Compassionate Man.”

Thank you, Master Jiro.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Thank you, Ian.

Equine Jin Shin Jyutsu: Opposite Hooves

…as submitted by Carolynn Conley to The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, Issue  Number 18, Autumn 1997:

“This past winter we had six months of rain in Texas. After living in wet pastures six solid months, my twenty-one year old thoroughbred, Nellea, seemed to go lame in her right rear leg. I stopped riding her and started Jin Shin Jyutsu. For three weeks I would walk her and inspect her body and hooves for the cause of her limp. She continued to favor her right rear. While grazing, she usually had her weight off her right rear hoof and rested it on the tip of the hoof nail. I held her 2s or her 1s. I also held her opposite hooves, cupping my hands over the entire front of the hoof (as much as I could cover). She would stand patiently for five minutes, crane her neck around, looking down at me as if to say, “What are you doing?” Then she would shift her weight, and I’d know it was time to shift to the opposite pair of hooves.

Finally, my Saturday morning inspection revealed heat at the back of her leg, behind the hoof. I also notice softness at the outer side at the coronet (just above the hoof). I applied right over left hands, remembering “Left to Lift”. I wanted to raise out the swelling. Of course, I had no idea how horse anatomy worked. I called the vet, but she wasn’t able to come until Tuesday afternoon. So, Sunday and Monday I used “Left to Lift”, which Nellea allowed me to hold for five to eight minutes before she pulled her leg away. From watching Susan Brooks apply Jin Shin Jyutsu to a dog, I knew the animal knows when it has had enough and will become restless or walk away.

Tuesday the horse looked great for Dr. White, of course. The vet was reluctant to look closely at the leg because Nellea was putting full weight on it, but I insisted. The vet got out large clamps and punched the hoof. “A blowout!” she exclaimed. My horse had an abscess which had worked its way up the inside of the hoof and out the flesh where the new hoof grows. “Boy, are you lucky!” said Dr. White. “If that hadn’t come out itself I would have had to dig it out.”

What followed was one week of soaking the hoof in warm salty water; then wrapping it in a baby diaper, of all things, to keep it dry; plenty of barn rest to stay out of the wet fields; a penicillin shot four days in Nellea’s neck, administered by me, but that’s another story. After the chance for infection had passed and she was out in the pasture again, the hoof looked worse than it ever did when she was sick. The underside had a white-line separation and a broken-away hoof that all had to grow out. Trimmings by the farrier got it back to its beautiful self over a four month growing-out period.

I have only one word of caution on applying Jin Shin Jyutsu to a horse. A horse does not appreciate how strong she is nor the consequences of her motions. Nellea sometimes tries to kick away flies and mosquitoes by raising her rear leg as though scratching her belly. While kneeling down to hold opposite hooves, one of the hooves could end up in your face. Be very careful. I stay on the balls of my feet so I can be ready to move immediately. Of course, tying or having the horse in a hold stall can help, but extreme caution is needed. Enjoy your equine Jin Shin Jyutsu experiences!”

Thank you, Carolynn.

The Magic Flute of Jin Shin Jyutsu

“Before we made music, music made us.” 

~ Mary Burmeister

“As Mary taught us the eight-step version of the self-help Main Central, she used to give us the musical notes corresponding to each step of the flow: C on the pube, D above the navel, E at the base of the sternum, F on the sternum, G above the sternum, A on the forehead, B at the top of the skull and high C above the head. Except for B flat sticking out at the tip of the nose, here they were, note after note from bottom to top like on the recorder I used to play as a child. Every note of the scale on the body and the higher octave of C above it.

I don’t know musical therapy but this picture always told me that here was a flow to attune my being “full scale”. And it reminds me of the mysterious flute introduced in Mozart’s opera:

‘This magic flute will protect you, support you in greatest misfortune. With it you can deal mightily, transform the sorrows of mankind…’

Through its sound wild animals can feel joy (the art of happiness), and hostility turns to friendship (the art of benevolence). It is no ordinary instrument. As in so many of mankind’s myths, music (vibration), skillfully produced through a worthy instrument, becomes the source of fine inner attunement, bringing inner and outer harmony, even changing the world and the course of events.

And isn’t this the description of the Main Central? As the One Energy Source, it brings harmony at all levels, as within, so without. As the Fire Element, it brings Self-Consciousness, uprightness and will. As the blueprint of all that I am, was and will be, it brings unlimited possibilities of change and growth. As the anatomical sphinx, it demystifies miracle healings. As the Breath of Life, it is absolute freedom.

We have many wonderful ways to harmonize the Main Central, each version equally valuable. Among them, I cherish this eight-step magic flute as I remember Mozart:

‘Oh! Such a flute is more precious than gold or crowns, for by its power will human happiness and contentment be increased.'”

~ Matthias Roth

The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, Number 14, Autumn 1996