The Seasons, Part 2

From The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, Volume 1, Number 3,,,

Wayne Hackett Explores Fourth Depth & Winter with Kim Lathrop, contninued:

Kim: Will you please speak to us about Fourth Depth and Winter?

Wayne: So we’ve moved from the life force, Key (Third Depth), through the desire to be (Fifth Depth), to be what? To be reasonable, to be common sense, to have the ability to attain and fulfill and complete ourselves (Number 9). Then we move into the Water element, Fourth Depth, having the ability to blend or balance, which is wintertime. Also, seasonally, we progress through Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Now at the Fourth Depth we go into balance. Let’s keep these two states of being, physical and nonphysical, in balance. When it comes time again, after we move through the First Depth, which is the spleen’s ability to bring sunshine to all the seasons, we move into springtime again.

Third Depth. We’re simply moving in that circle through the seasons of Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, bringing sunshine into life in all of its seasons, so that we can continue, and that happens with every breath.

So there’s that clockwise motion of the circle and within the circle the star as the order of creation: Third Depth, Second Depth, First Depth, Fifth Depth, Fourth Depth, Sixth Depth, Third Depth. All of those relationships are lying on top of each other. They interface between the various orders and principles at play, moving in and out of each other. Sometimes it’s the order of the elements, sometimes it’s the order of the seasons, sometimes it’s the creative process, sometimes it’s the process by which the jumper cable simply moves through the First Depth, Second Depth, Third Depth, Fourth Depth, Fifth Depth, in and out of the body. To know all of these relationships simultaneously is a lot of fun. We’re moving through the seasons of life.

Kim: On a practical level, what happens if our Fourth Depth is not in harmony during the Winter? What might we feel or have going on in our bodies or lives?

Wayne: If we put seasons on the lumbar circle, then we have Spring energizing Fall, Fall energizing Summer, Summer energizing Winter, Winter energizing the hottest part of all the seasons. If we get out of seasonal balance, we may have Winter, Fourth Depth, moving back up into Summer, Fifth Depth. What we get is an imbalance of hot and cold. The way the body expresses that is to have a cold. So at the level of energizers, we’re not allowing the Summer to energize the Winter, or Fifth Depth to come into Fourth Depth, or warmth into cold.

On the other side, maybe we overdid ourselves, too much First Depth worry and preoccupation about life so that the spleen becomes a disharmonizer and doesn’t have that sunshine, that solar energy available for the Winter. On both sides of wintertime, we have warmth when we stay in balance. Thus we don’t get a cold. So we can give ourselves a First and/or Fifth Depth Flow.

Thank you, Wayne.

Thank you, Kim.


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