The Seasons

From The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, Volume 1, Number 3,,,

Wayne Hackett Explores Fourth Depth & Winter with Kim Lathrop:

Kim: Will you please speak to us about Fourth Depth and Winter?

Wayne: A picture that comes to me is how life at the visible level seems to have disappeared during wintertime (the plant re-seeds into the earth, hibernation), tempting us to perceive this as an ending instead of a transformation. Wintertime for us, as human beings, is the expression of that state during which the human form, in a sense, leaves its expression to become pure spirit again.

So Fourth Depth, as that traditional bridge  between matter and spirit, has a balancing action. Remember, Fourth Depth is the Number 6 which is the law and nature’s way of moving us to balance. And Mercury, the ruling planet of the Fourth Depth is saying, “I’m going to communicate with you”. Now we’re going from the man state back to the unman state, or from the material to the spiritual. So that action is simply a balancing time during which our dimensions, whether physical or spiritual, harmonize by changing form.

Neptune and Pluto, higher octaves of Mercury in the Fourth Depth, symbolize transformation – undeniable change. Man’s worldly understanding of this concept is that we’re born to die. We perceive that process, maybe not in its fullness, as a transformation. So these Plutonic events are inevitable occurrences that bring us into balance so that Mercury, communicating between our heavenly and earthly states, is a right action of balance. Thus the wintertime is simply that transformation. It is that which allows us to return to our pure essence so the cycle can begin again.

To further understand Fourth Depth and Winter, take the five-pointed star that’s the Order of Creation, the star in the thoracic vertebrae, and place on it the elements. We enter the Third Depth as the Sixth Depth manifests into the material body. Third Depth is Key or Chi, the life energy. Then moving clockwise is Fifth Depth, which is Fire: our desire to be. We move from the life force into its desire to be, its creativity, its impulse. Next we move into the Second Depth, which is the Air element having the ability to have reason or common sense.

As an aside, Second Depth is common sense and logic. It’s practicality. We tend to go so intellectually into reason and logic, thinking, philosophizing, and mentally analyzing, that we forget that this common sense is our gift. We don’t have to think about it. It is to know. Second Depth is symbolized by the Number 9, and 9 is to know, K-N-O-W. In our knowingness is our common sense. We don’t have to figure it out by analyzing it.

To be continued…

Thank you, Wayne.

Thank you, Kim.

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