I Am the World…(Part 2)

…by Louanne Ellis as published in THE MAIN CENTRAL Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, Number 10, Autumn 1995:

“The next element in this descent from Heaven to Earth is Water. Water covers seven-tenths of the Earth, and fluids represent seven-tenths of our body weight. This is confirming and comforting in our microcosmic/macrocosmic vision. the Earth, including its oceans and atmosphere is the macrocosm for our individual bodies. We see the power of Water as an eroding and cleansing agent. It is the great “solution”, by its capacity to dissolve or contain other elements. It is also balancing in that it will start to deposit instead of dissolve when it becomes too saturated. Water corresponds to our emotional state and is responsive to both Fire and Air. It boils, it bubbles, it freezes, it sublimates, it saturates, it effervesces. Water is an activating agent. When the rains supply the material earth form of seeds with necessary moisture, and when heat is available, growth begins. We see how the mind affects the emotions in the metaphor of wind upon the waves. In the oceans we see the tempering of heat and cold. The waters are so vast that there is maintained a constancy of temperature that changes slowly and only slightly compared to the temperature of the Earth and the atmosphere. As we go deeper into the oceans the temperatures are probably even more constant. What does this tell us about our emotional nature? It is through the emotions that Fire and Air, i.e. anger and worry are modified and evened out through understanding and compassion. I think the ultimate expression of the emotional dimension is forgiveness/acceptance – the ultimate dissolving power. The same two attributes can erode resentment, bitterness and guilt. The waters move rhythmically as determined by the “Moon”. They respond continually, transforming and balancing according to the volume and velocity as we see by the sinuous contours of river beds and shore lines. We also see water as the mediator for heat (masculine) and cold (feminine) that is absorbed by the Earth and circulated by the Winds, originating from the Sun. The element Water corresponds to the 4th Depth. The three Water signs in Astrology are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces which correspond in Jin Shin Jyutsu to the toe flows Spleen, Kidney and Liver respectively. There is nothing physical that Water does not seem to alter in time, cannot seem to contain, to hold, to buoy up and purify.

The combination of Water and Air together forms clouds that obscure the Sun. Disturbing emotions create weather fronts and storms that appear to separate us from our light, our source. It seems as if the storms are necessary in order to provide for the rain that cleanses and moisturizes the Earth. The rains are vital for growth. Our tears are vital for our own growth, without the storms in our consciousness (resolved emotionally and integrated with our higher self) our essence is dormant. It seems to be the pain of our emotions and attitudes that evolves our consciousness.

The final element is the material world and our Earth, corresponding to the 1st Depth. The three Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, which correspond in Jin Shin Jyutsu to the finger flows Large Intestine, Small Intestine and Umbilicus respectively. Earth is a regenerating home, a continually responding medium for preservation and gestation. The Earth is warmed by the Sun, cooled by the Winds, activated by the Rains. It is at the level of Earth that the organization of elements provides for materialized life. The four elements symbolize life in manifested form, and – in our solar system – the four seasons and the four directions. Earth corresponds to number four, the materialized world and the realm of material experience for the individual soul.

By observing our world we allow the holographic meaning to expand our awareness. As we observe the Sun we are reminded of the continual outpouring of light from the Creator that sustains our body and our spirit. If we watch the Wind, we will be able to see the way the mind works. If we observe the Waters we can see the power in our emotions. The Earth sustains us physically in continual regeneration, giving birth every Spring to a new cycle of life. The Earth is the arena of our experience. Through its limitations and rules, in a time-space dimension, our consciousness develops. The Earth is an evolutionary agent for our physical, emotional and spiritual growth.”

Louanne Ellis has studied Jin Shin Jyutsu for ten years, astrology for twenty-seven years, and the Qabala and numerology for three years. She teaches in Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico and she welcomes questions and comments.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Thank you, Louanne.

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