Sharing Awareness, Continued

…as contributed to The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, Number 9, Summer 1995 issue by Phyllis Singer…

“As Mary points out, the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu is simply the application of awareness (SH 1, p.7). Mary describes Jin Shin Jyutsu as physio-physiology, physio-psychology, and physio-philosophy. There are three powerful tools Mary hands us in the sharing-awareness of physical, mental and spiritual harmony (SH III, p.41). They are 1) Be the Testimony, 2) Be the Words and 3) Be the Example. From my perspective, these tools represent the physio-physiology (the fruits), the physio-psychology (the trunk) and the physio-philosophy (the roots) (SH I, p.58) of Jin Shin Jyutsu BE IT IS IS, (SH III, p.2).

1) “Why not be your own testimony?” (SH I, p.58). Testimony is the WHAT; the BODY of evidence that attracted so many of us to Jin Shin Jyutsu. It is simple self-help art that allows ordinary people to transform their lives. Why not be our own testimony and apply the art to ourselves daily, or perhaps moment by moment? Jumper cabling enhances our connection to Source and each other. The more I live in the jumper cabling of myself, whether through touch, or simply through thoughts, words or breath, the easier it is for me to share-awareness of Effortless Reality with others. Practical application yields testimonies, the physio-physiology, the fruits of this Art of Benevolence.

2) Be the Words ~ “One is where one’s thoughts are. Thought creates words and words create deeds.” (SH III, p.15). Words create reality, and Mary has been an example of meticulous word usage in her writings and teachings. In her classes she would not only speak of the power of words we use, she would also emphasize honoring whom you are speaking to by using discrimination. In other words, speak to your listener. I ask the Universe to allow me to receive the appropriate words and to know when to say them. This process also helps me to trust the words that come through, instead of prefacing many JSJ conversations with “Mary says”. Lately, a local practitioner replied, “Well, Phyllis says Mary says”. This is a great reminder to be the ongoing process of releasing insecurities, to trust the words coming through, using them with discrimination. From my perspective, words reflect WHERE we are, our MIND. When we are in tune with the One Mind, we can help others. I consider words the TRUNK, the physio-psychology, of this Art of Knowing.

3) Be the Example. I have heard Mary say “An example is worth a thousand words”. Example is creation. We can choose the example we are. Most of us have unconscious behavior which often shapes our actions. Reactive behavior is due to past habits of fearing, and, beyond what is apparent, is totally capable of changing. Over the years I have noticed that many practitioners, including myself, become an example of harmony while jumper cabling others, but are often enticed into fear-based behaviors regarding everyday matters. A breakthrough occurs when that harmony we become while jumper cabling others is made manifest in ordinary existence. Whenever I am around Mary, I smile, filled with awe at the Humble Grace surrounding her. It is clear that one receives the benefit of Jin Shin Jyutsu simply by being in Mary’s presence. Whether she touches or not, I am touched. Her example represents the SPIRITual harmony, the WHO one can be through living the physio-philosophy, the roots, of this Art of Compassion.

It is with deep gratitude that I share this with you; this is simply a perspective of the Truth from someone whose life has been profoundly transformed thought Jin Shin Jyutsu. “Be the Smile.””

Me too, Phyllis. Me too.

Thank you, Master Jiro.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Thank you, Phyllis.

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