Cats: “They Just Know…”

I love working with animals and have experienced wonderful results. Also, I’ve had sessions myself where a cat assisted the practitioner by lying – asleep and snoring lightly – on my pubis! My own cat will jump on the table to lie by the client and bring her own healing energy into the flow.

In the Winter 1994/1995 issue of The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, Number 7, Bill Landon shares the following:

“Over the years, I’ve known a number of cats who understood well the power of Jin Shin Jyutsu. This piece is about the behavior of three such cats.

Anouk was somewhat feral, having lived her fifteen years outdoors in the deep countryside. Her life experience had given her many amazing survival skills, but we felt that her greatest talent by far was that of simply knowing when someone was getting a Jin Shin Jyutsu session. No matter where outdoor she was (on the roof, in the woodpile, or under bushes skulking for birds), she always knew when one of us laid hands upon the other to do a flow. Within moments, she would yammer and scratch at the door or climb and dangle from the window screens until, in order to preserve them, we would let her in. And once in, she would join the receiver on the bed, reach her paw for the treater’s hand and with a single huntress claw extended slightly, bring that treating hand over to her. If the treater attempted to withdraw the hand, Anouk would insist with more firmly gripping claws. When finally the second hand joined the first on her body, she would roll over and relax. She especially liked 11:15s and 11:25s, and, of course, anything on the 4s and 23s. The need Anouk felt for a Jin Shin Jyutsu treatment was expressed through her hunting instinct – a consistent technique: grab on and wait till the other acquiesced.

Years later, back in town, Kitty, our neighbor Rita’s cat, visited us most every day. She knew that I would feed her scraps. Eventually, she discovered the amazing power in Kyoko’s hands. that changed her life, and from then on she had two jobs each day; 1) to listen for Rita’s car returning home from work, bringing with it the prospect of an early dinner; and 2) to watch for Kyoko walking home, bringing with her the prospect of an early treatment. In either instance, Kitty would come yammering from her lair in the bushes. If it was Rita who arrived, Kitty would head for the door. If it was Kyoko who approached, Kitty would lovingly present herself; that is, she would roll onto her back, all four feet in the air, and crane her neck to watch for Kyoko’s hand reaching down towards her 15s. From that point on, Kitty’s behavior was much the same as Anouk’s. Each of these outdoorsy females enforced her desire for treatment with her claws, and would not relent until utterly under the flow. While Anouk was pure huntress, Kitty was somewhat domesticated, like the house cat which rewards its feeder with cute antics and loving attention after the meal. Kitty just switched the order of things around: she offered her cute approach and affectionate greeting as bait, and when the treating hand made contact, she clamped onto it firmly.

Buffy, an elderly male cat, lived with Debbie, a JSJ practitioner, who regularly saw a steady clientele in her home. In a sense, Buffy could have as much JSJ as he wished by joining Debbie’s willing clients for their sessions.

When I had my weekly session Buffy always climbed onto the bed and lay down along my main central, his head pointing the same direction as mine. He made no attempts to hog or hijack the session; he slept in a civilized way from the very beginning. But beyond that, what is truly remarkable, he was self-limiting. Even in deep slumber, Buffy seemed to know fairly accurately when he had enough. At that point, usually after half to three-quarters of an hour, he would either withdraw directly or, most interestingly of all, get up, turn around 180 degrees and lie back down on me for a while with his polarity reversed to the flow, before finally leaving the treatment area completely.

This apparent quirk cemented in my mind the belief that Buffy was a cat of rare discernment. This apparent quirk was unprejudiced behavioral testimony confirming an oft stated tip from another healing art, Bio Circuitry, that also works with the flow of life energy. There, it is said that if the receiver or self-helper seems a bit too groggy, disoriented, confused or slow to refocus after a treatment, s/he may be stabilized and brought quickly to focused consciousness if the treater will again briefly place hands upon the receiver, but with polarity reversed, say, with the right hand to the back of the head and the left hand to the sacrum, for right handed people. This was the genius of Buffy. He knew and used this fine point of artistry as needed, by reversing himself to my flow.

So here are the antics of three loving cats. And now it might well be asked what you have learned from your own or others’ pets in the flow. It’s worth consideration.”

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Thank you, Bill.

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