Safety Energy Lock 19 (Part 4)

Issue Number 29, Summer 2000 of The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter contains an article about SEL 19.  The article is based on comments received in response to the inquiry: Why is Safety Energy Lock 19 included in the anchor steps of both the Umbilicus and Diaphragm Function Energy flow patterns?

For readers who have taken at least one 5-day Seminar, you will want to look at Text 2. If you haven’t taken a 5-day Seminar as yet, you can look at the Safety Energy Lock Figure in this category. Or I could tell you: SEL 19 is located on the inside of the elbow more on the thumb side, however, since each SEL is a 6-inch diameter sphere, it actually covers that whole 6-inch area of the elbow/upper & lower arm.

Melinda Buckwalter submitted her “Jinspirations”:

“Safety Energy Lock 19 is included in the anchor steps of both the Diaphragm and Umbilicus Flows. Both organ flows pass through Safety Energy Lock 19. In the case of the Umbilicus Flow the 19 used is on the flow itself whereas in the Diaphragm Flow it is on the opposite 19 to the flow side. Mysterious! The Diaphragm and Umbilicus are mysterious. They are our blueprint, our negative, the flip-flop reflection of ourselves in the heaven/earth, as above/so below mirror. Energetically the Diaphragm Flow ascends but helps the descending; the Umbilicus Flow descends and helps the ascending. They are magical, through the looking glass Alice, the secret to how the 1 as Source/Potential can manifest as the many, experienced 9. These two opposite qualities come together to form and inform the number 19.

On a physical level the diaphragm’s action in the body is also mysterious, backwards and counter intuitive. When we breathe in, filling and expanding the belly, the diaphragm flattens out. When the belly flattens on the exhale the diaphragm is at its greatest dome-shaped splendor. Imaging the shape of the diaphragm in the body while you breathe takes practice. Try it! The umbilical cord cut at birth leaves us a belly button, a reminder of the mystery from whence we came and whence we shall return. The symbol 8, “magic”, reminds me of the placement of the umbilicus and diaphragm in the body at the crossroads where heaven and earth join, communicate, and reflect around the central dot. The umbilicus as belly button is our dot on our waistline around which we reflect, arms and head above, legs and pelvis below, reminding us of our true origin. The diaphragm’s shape like the vault of heaven is also located at the crossroads of the waistline separating heaven and earth. Its legs, the crura, like columns that hold up the sky, reach down to Lumbar 1 and Lumbar 2 at the level of the belly button.

What is special about 19 that helps the Diaphragm/Umbilicus in its central reflective role? As they say in real estate: “Location! Location! Location!” The 19 is located in the middle at the ‘umbilicus’ of the arm; the elbow. The elbow even has a dimple reminiscent of the navel on its back side. Look in the mirror! 19 knows something about being in the middle. It is on the Mediator, that great communicator between left and right. Thus 19 is in a position to communicate and receive information not only from above and below but from left and right as well. In touch with everybody, 19 is the collective intelligence. No wonder 19 is leadership and authority! Located at the nexus of communication, 19 is the shining Sun who communicates his influence by radiating effortlessly. 19’s powerful location explains the interlacing effect of the 19, 9 and 14 all located on the waistline. 19 – Sun, 9 – all-inclusive, 14 – Sagittarius. Did you know that the center/navel of the Milky Way Galaxy is in/near Sagittarius! If the 14/umbilical area is the center of the galaxy of our body it makes sense that 19, the sun, is located on the arm like the spiral arm of the galaxy! Then 9, as all-inclusive could be the Black Hole (White Hole!) at the galactic center, the “every ending is the seed of a fresh beginning” of quantum physics and our physical body. Celestial Anatomy!

Everything about 19 speaks of the middle. 19 is in the 3rd Depth – the other Middle flow to which the 6th Depth returns in the Order of Creation. 19 is the fourth of seven, in the middle of the Safety Energy locks of the 3rd Depth, 16 17 18 19 20 21 22. 19 is the letter S, half of an 8, again speaking to its role as man in the middle communicating, coordinating and in touch, its own mirror image above, below, left, and right. because of its reflective power, 19 helps on the same or opposite side to the flow itself. No wonder 19 is such a powerful helper to the 6th Depth organ flows as they function to reflect the heavenly plan into earthly delight.”

Thank you, Master Jiro.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Thank you, Melinda.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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