I’m thinking…

…about what I just posted to my Jin Shin Jyutsu category, part 2 of “27 Thousand Billion Smiles”

At a 5-day Basic Seminar a couple of years ago, (I try to take at least one every year), we were in groups of 3 for hands-on. I was on the table. As usual, I was resting my palms on my 14s while my two fellow students gave me the flow prescribed by our instructor, Wayne Hackett. Wayne went from table to table and listened to the pulses of each student on the table. When he came to me, he placed his fingertips on my wrists, listened to the superficial and then the deep pulses, and gently drew my hands up to examine my fingers. He said, “You have 5th Depth issues.” Then he asked how long my little fingers had been crooked. I told him from birth. He replied, “They (the 5th Depth issues) are generational.” Then he smiled and walked away!

AWK! What was he saying? What should I do? What did it mean?

After class, I drove home and pulled out all my notes from the previous classes over the years. I began a night-long search of flows to help generational 5th Depth issues. Being very Western, and just-this-side-of OCD, I was trying to find a flow to help my body correct the dis-harmony; I would find one, write it down and incorporate it into my daily self-help routine. Except I couldn’t find any clear-cut flow. I’d have to create my own! I was soooo tired from the intensity of the class…and I had to return in just a couple of hours!

What to do? There must be a book! I’ll ask Wayne when I see him in class…

I arrived early to find Wayne in the auditorium setting up for his lecture. I excused myself and reminded him of his comment the day before, told him of my night-long struggle to find a flow, and asked him if he could recommend a book that had flows to help the Depths. I don’t think I took a breath during this “speech”. While I gasped for air, Wayne calmly walked over to me and with a little smile said, “Hold your little fingers”. Then he walked away to continue preparing for class.

Hold my little fingers? Hold my little fingers.

After doing just that over the past few years, my little crooked fingers are beginning to straighten. It is noticeable!

Happy body! Happy fingers! Happy mind! Happy spirit! Hooray!

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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