Know Myself…


Iole Lebensztajn offers an article about Self-Help in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, Number 35, Winter 2002:

“For many years I have been wondering about the meaning of this acronym that appears in the Self Help Book 3 and in the Textbooks: Know Myself BE IT IS, IS. BE the Infinite Truth, the Infinite Self, the Impersonal Self. As we see at page 49 of Self Help Book 2, it has to do with unloading all attitudes.

We know that fear is the core of all attitudes. Fear happens when we believe in lack and limitation, but this is False Evidence Appearing Real. There is not lack and limitation. The Infinite Truth is that “all that is needed for harmony and balance…is within MYSELF” (Self Help Book 1, p. 3). There is enough of everything for everybody. There is enough money, work, food, love, intelligence, power…In fact, it is Infinite when I am in touch with the Source of the Universal Harmonizing Energy. This is the Truth.

Fear affects 4th depth, the “bridge into spirit”. When the bridge is not functioning accordingly, it is more challenging to access the spirit (6th depth). When I am well connected to the spirit, I become aware that we are all one. When I am not connected, I feel myself alone and separated from the ONE Infinite Self of which I am part. In this condition I can not realize that My Self is infinite in terms of time and space. In fact, there is no end. Life is a continuous process of transformation, an everlasting will to express itself in infinite forms.

Attitudes prevent me being the Impersonal Self. The nature of the Self is to BE, and not to stick to any doing, trying, having or hiding behind a mask. (The etymological root of the word “persona” is mask.) When I become prisoner of one pattern, one mask, I lose the ability to express myself anew in each moment. This is what we call attitudes. Dropping the mask, the Impersonal Self (with no mask) arises and I can fully express myself and realize that “we are human BE-ings, not human TRY-ings, or DO-ings, or STRIVE-ings ~ (Self Help Book 1, p. 7). There is nothing that I have to personally do or have in order to be happy, to be in harmony or to be alive. We are just simply human BE-ings. I do not do or have life. Being who I am, I create and express Life in my unique way.

Know Myself is to know that we are all Infinite. We are Infinite Self, Infinite Love, Infinite Blessings, Infinite Happiness, Infinite Receiving and Sharing the Universal Harmonizing Energy…As Mary Says: “Thank you, God!”

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Thank you, Iole.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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