I’m thinking…

…about how skeptical I was when I first heard about Jin Shin Jyutsu

…and how passionate about it I am today; compelled to teach self-help to anyone who will listen.

My post today in the Jin Shin Jyutsu category pretty much says it. I’ve taken 9 five-day classes, several workshops and “Living the Art” class which qualified me to teach self-help. I also belong to a NJ JSJ study group and have just started a local group in my town.

Officially retired now, that is what I do: teach self-help. With gratitude to David Burmeister, I am permitted to teach self-help right here in this blog. I present volunteer classes in and around my community. I teach as I was taught, and as Matthias Roth suggested in today’s post. I teach not as a traditional teacher, but as a master would teach. Not that I am, nor do I think of myself, a master, but I learned the difference in a wonderful book by Gary Zukav; The Dancing Wu Li Masters.

Let me take a step back to explain. As a former EMT and Western medicine believer, when I was introduced to Jin Shin Jyutsu in 2004, quite by “accident”, I permitted a lovely woman to give me a session only because she was so kind and loving. Once on the table, expecting nothing, I was astonished to experience immediate and lasting improvement of several dis-harmonies after only one 50 minute session. I remember saying to myself, “I don’t know what this is and I don’t know how it works, but I’m going to find out.” And I have been on a journey of amazing discovery since then.

One of my early questions to various teachers was, “What is the scientific basis of Jin Shin Jyutsu?” I never got an answer, but was deftly and kindly directed to focus my attention on learning from the textbooks. After two years, I finally asked the correct question, “Is quantum mechanics the scientific basis of Jin Shin Jyutsu?” Now I received affirmation that I was on the right track!

So I added the study of the new physics to my pursuit of understanding Jin Shin Jyutsu Physio-Philosophy. I have to live to be 350 years old in order to wrap my brain around both arts!

The first book I read was “The Holographic Universe” by Michael Talbot. I had to read it twice. It took two years to begin to understand that book. Now I have moved on to Gary Zukav’s book, which is even more astonishing.

Zukav writes, ” The Chinese language does not use an alphabet like western languages. Each word in Chinese is depicted by a character, which is a line drawing (Sometimes two or more characters are combined to form different meanings.) This is why it is difficult to translate Chinese into English. Good translations require a translator who is both a poet and a linguist.

For example, “Wu” can mean either “matter” or “energy.” “Li” is a richly poetic word. It means “universal order” or “universal law”. It also means “organic patterns.” The grain in a panel of wood is Li. the organic pattern on the surface of a leaf is also Li, and so is the texture of a rose petal. In short, Wu Li, the Chinese word for physics, means”patterns of organic energy” (“matter/energy” [Wu] + “universal order/organic patterns” [Li].”)”

“The first (of more than 80) meanings, Wu Li means “Patterns of Organic Energy.” This is the Chinese way of saying “physics.” “The second Wu Li means “My Way.” “The third Wu Li means “Nonsense”. The fourth Wu Li means “I clutch My ideas”. The fifth Wu Li means “Enlightenment”.

I get it! I love it!

As for understanding the term “master”, as opposed to a pattern of learning from the outside inward: 1) simple addition, 2) long division, 3) algebra, 4)physics, 5) subatomic particles ~ the master “…begins from the center and not from the fringe. He imparts an understanding of the basic principles of the art before going on to the meticulous details, and he refused to break down the t’ai chi movements into a one-two-three drill so as to make the student a robot.” “A Master teaches essence. When the essence is perceived, he teaches what is necessary to expand the perception.” “In this way, the Wu Li Master dances with his student.”

This is how I learn, and teach, Jin Shin Jyutsu Physio-Philosophy.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings.

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