Harmonizing the Attitudes through Fingers & Hand (Thumb)

Today I will share my experience and understanding of the thumb and its variety of relationships with the rest of my body.

The thumb has relationship with the 1st Depth. 1st Depth is our “container”, forming our skin surface and is related to our physical growth. Safety Energy Locks 1-4 belong to 1st depth.

The attitude for the thumb is worry.

The lateral (outer) side of the thumb is related to Stomach Energy. Also, the upper third of the lateral thumb relates to SEL 1; the mid-thumb relates to SEL 19 and the base of the thumb relates to SEL 21. This side of the thumb is related to descending energy. Descending energy creates/builds and is related to the exhale, down the front.

The medial (inner) side of the thumb is related to Spleen Energy. The upper half of the thumb is related to SEL 9; the mid-thumb is related to SEL 16. The medial side of the thumb is related to ascending energy. Ascending energy cleans/renews and is related to the inhale, up the back.

The thumb corresponds to worrying, depression, anxiety. Physical symptoms include stomach aches, headaches, skin problems and nervousness. In balance, one feels a sense of security.

If one experiences any such disharmony, simply holding the thumb gently while exhaling, then inhaling deeply, for even just a few minutes, will bring harmony back into balance.

This is a simple overview of the thumb. There is much more to learn and understand and I encourage you, wherever you may live, to find a 5-day basic seminar being taught in your area and register to take the class. You can find the information at http://www.jsjinc.net.

Thank you, Master Murai.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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