I’m thinking…

…about Tao

Truth, once established, can never be uprooted

Goodness, once imbibed, can never be stripped away

A sacrifice to a higher cause is never lost

An offering to an ancestor never goes to waste

When a person embodies Tao his heart becomes true

When a family embodies Tao it thrives

When a village embodies Tao it is protected

When a country embodies Tao it prospers

When the world embodies Tao it reveals its perfection

Tao is everywhere

it has become everything

To truly see it, see it as it is

In a person, see it as a person

In a family, see it as as family

In a country, see it as a country

In the world, see it as the world

How have I come to know all this?

Tao has shown me ~

Tao as all this!



…Verse 54 from “Tao Te Ching”

Lao-Tzu, translated by Jonathan Star
ISBN: 978-158542-618-8

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