I’m thinking…

…about Tao

That which creates the universe is the Mother of the world

By knowing the Mother one knows her children

By knowing her children one comes to know her

Such is their unity that one does not exist without the other

Fully embrace your life and you will share in the glory of creation

The Mother herself will be your guardian

And all her creation will be your guide

Stay with the Mother, shut the mouth, close the gates and you are never in trouble

Abandon the Mother, open the mouth, be busy with others and you are beyond all hope of rescue

Seeing your own smallness is called insight

Honoring your own tenderness is called strength

The sun in all its glory reveals but a passing world

Only the inner light illumines eternity

Only that light can guide us back home

Have faith

Follow your own shining

Be aware of your own awareness

On the darkest nights you will not stumble

On the brightest days you will not blink

This is called “The Practice of Eternal Light”



…Verse 52 from “Tao Te Ching”

Lao-Tzu, translated by Jonathan Star
ISBN: 978-158542-618-8

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