All About Mary (Book 3:2:6,7)

Mary wrote 3 Self-Help Jin Shin Jyutsu Textbooks. It was her passion that people should know how to help themselves.

With the permission of Mary’s son, David Burmeister, I will share some basic information from those books; the very same books I use when I am teaching a Self-Help class.

I strongly suggest that the reader consider purchasing the three textbooks and implement the recommended flows on a daily basis. You will find all three books at

Today we’ll continue our review of Introducing JIN SHIN JYUTSU IS. (Continued) KNOW MYSELF BE IT IS BOOK III.


Mary says: “The journey lies within Myself to seek that which has no beginning or ending. Exhale all skepticisms, attitudes, and inhale joy, laughter, happiness in abundance. Continue SMILING and exhaling.”

FINGERS AND TOES! They are the keys to Know Myself BE IT IS, IS. In the Physio-Philosophy, awareness of Myself (the roots); in the Physio-Psychology, understanding of Myself (the trunk); Physio-Physiology, the simple application of technique (the fruits) becomes available to Myself. Just as it is simple, IT IS FUN (Fulfilling, Understanding, No-thing).

If one is in disbelief, SMILE and hold (jumper cable) INDEX FINGER. Drop the shoulders into the BIG TOES. Keep SMILING. Exhale, unload all the “archaeological” garbage, dirt, dust and greasy grime, from the head into the BIG TOES.

Continue SMILING, Inhale. Receive the purified revitalizing, renewing energy from the BIG TOES to the top of the head. In repeating this for a few exhalings, or if time permits, thirty-six exhalings, one begins to SEE the simplicity and the fun in the holding (jumper cabling) FINGERS and TOES.

WHY? Naturally, one always wants to know the WHY of the how-to. This is precisely the WHY of the birth of this FUN book.

Disbelief is simply FEAR. SMILE. Drop the shoulders, exhale and BE.



Page 6 is an illustration showing the flow pattern for the body jumper cable function. The reader would benefit from owning the book and having the detail to review over and over, but I will try to explain my understanding.

In Jin Shin Jyutsu, the human figure is different from the medical anatomy figure we see that shows arms at the side. The Jin Shin Jyutsu energy flow figure is with arms upraised, as Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. I can imagine a figure “8”, or infinity symbol.

Imagine your torso as “I am the Star”. Energy flows down the back of the LEFT arm and up the front of the LEFT arm. Energy flows up the back of the RIGHT arm and down the front of the RIGHT arm. Energy flows down the back of the LEFT leg and up the front of the LEFT leg. Energy flows up the back of the RIGHT leg and down the front of the RIGHT leg. This FLOW PATTERN connects fingers and toes!

a.  The flow pattern or direction of energy flow in the right arm and right leg is the same.

b.  The flow pattern or direction of energy flow in the left arm and left leg is the same.

c.  The flow pattern or direction of energy flow in the right arm and leg is opposite to that of the left arm and leg.

d.  This awareness and understanding of the energy flow pattern of the jumper cable function will enable one to understand the  simple usage of the palms. We will look at 4 palm function energy flows next time.


Next time we will continue our review of FUN with FINGERS and TOES Physio-Philosophy (Nature-Effortless Reality), page 8.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David

JIN SHIN JYUTSU IS. – the Getting to KNOW (Help) MYSELF is not intended to be a substitute for regular medical attention by the recognized medical authorities.

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