I’m thinking…

…about Safety Energy Lock 17.

Harmonizing SEL 17 is simple: hold right wrist on little finger side with left hand and then hold left wrist on little finger side with right hand


(as a quickie) hold right ring finger with left hand and then left ring finger with right hand


(as a quickie) hold right little finger with left hand and then left little finger with right hand.


They all seem pretty quick to me.

So let me think about relationships. SEL 17 is ascending 3rd Depth. It is “transformational power”. It is like a natural aspirin for headaches. It is about spiritual activity – harmonizing the fertility of mind and soul. If I look at ring finger relationships, SEL 17 is on the little finger side of the ring finger – ascending lung energy pattern and is ascending 2nd Depth which relates to SELs 5-15. The ring finger attitude is sadness/grief. 17 has ring finger relationships with SELs 2, 4, 7.

Now I look at little finger and struggle to find just where SEL 17 fits in. Little finger is 5th depth, SELs 24-26, attitude is pretense/try tos. So why would holding little finger be a quickie?

The Depth qualities of SEL 17 (3rd Depth) are middle finger (not ring or little fingers).

17 is intuition. In numerology, “intuition” relates to 2. 2 is wisdom. 17 (1+7) is 8. 8 is magic. In Tarot, 17 is the Star and relates to meditation. 17 is Aquarius which governs the ankles. 17 is related to gall bladder – and the quickie is holding SEL 14! Rune number 17 is movement. Numerologically, the word “seventeen” reduces to One. One is the JSJ SEL “prime mover”.

If I hold 17’s and listen, I just may get an idea for what all this means. SEL 17 is manifested on the diagonal mediator flow, along with SELs 18 and 19. The three SELs represent spirit, mind and body. 17 corresponds to spirit. Lao-tzu said, “Mind is the master of form, and Spirit is the jewel of mind.”

What can all this mean?

I’m thinking it means unity.

I’m thinking it means love.

What do you think?


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