All About Mary (SEL 17)

Mary wrote 3 Self-Help Jin Shin Jyutsu Textbooks. It was her passion that people should know how to help themselves.

With the permission of Mary’s son, David Burmeister, I will share some basic information from those books; the very same books I use when I am teaching a Self-Help class.

I strongly suggest that the reader consider purchasing the three textbooks and implement the recommended flows on a daily basis. You will find all three books at

Today we’ll look at pages 45 & 46 of Introducing JIN SHIN JYUTSU IS. (Continued) KNOW MYSELF IT IS BOOK II.

4.  Mankind’s “SAFETY” Energy Locks ~ KNOW MYSELF IT IS:

Mary says: “Disorders are rooted in abuses: worry, FEAR, anger, sadness, and try to’s. It is AS IT IS, and as it is, IT IS. KNOW MYSELF IT IS.”

18.  The Number 17 “SAFETY” Energy Lock is located on the little-finger side of the wrist. Please pause and look at this figure: Safety Energy Locks Figure Word

a.  “17″ came into the universe meaning reproductive energy, relaxation of mind and nerves.

b.  By applying our “jumper cable” we can recharge our “run-down” energy battery; harmonize the nervous system; relax the mind; relieve ankle tension/stress.

c.  AIDS: Chest congestion, bloat/swelling; heart, breast, back tension/stress.

d.  Just quietly jumper cable (hold) right wrist with left hand and then left wrist with the right hand, and in a few minutes, more or less, one can feel the tension/stress beginning to melt away.

“QUICKIE” Self Help recharge (jumper cable):

1.  Jumper cable (hold) right ring finger with the left hand and then left ring finger with the right hand.

2.  Or jumper cable right little finger with the left and and then left little finger with the right hand.

IT IS AS IT IS, and KNOW that as it is, IT IS.

Simply BE the SMILE.

Next time we’ll review “SAFETY” Energy Lock Number 18 and the “QUICKIE” Self Help recharge (jumper cable) from pages 47 & 48.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David

JIN SHIN JYUTSU IS. – the Getting to KNOW (Help) MYSELF is not intended to be a substitute for regular medical attention by the recognized medical authorities.

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