Main Central Vertical Universal Harmonizing Energy

There is a most wonderful article by Susan M. Brooks in the new book “Zero to Twenty-Six, excerpts from The Main Central”, which is available at

Ama no minaka nushi no kami ~ the Divine Presence in the Honorific Center of the Universe…

“There is a story that most of us have heard about the Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner who gave only the Main Central Vertical Flow to all of his clients. IT IS the totality. It continually helps us to simplify. The Main Central Vertical Flow is that energetic force and action ~ the masculine principle, Fire ~ which keeps us centered. Through the Breath, the exhale, we bring heaven down to earth; with the inhale ~ earth to heaven. Can we imagine the Breath, the Oval, anywhere other than in our center or core? If our head is pulled to the right, we are too much in the world ~ overdoing. If it is pulled left, mental emotional stresses are burdening us. Is our head pulled back? We’re living in the past. Pulled forward? We are oriented toward the future.

As a closing comment in a 5-day class, a student once asked, ‘If everything is within the 6th Depth, the Main Central Vertical Flow, and it is the totality, the director, why don’t we spend more time focusing on it in the course?’ Good question! Through knowing our Main Central, and giving ourselves the self-help sequence daily, its action feeds, fuels and harmonizes every molecule, organ system and Depth of our being.

The story of the endocrine system, or the system of ductless glands, is told through the Main Central Vertical Flow. These 7 glands, when harmonious are the guardians and controllers of the perfect functioning of the physical body, as well as the interconnecting links between the physical and the divine.

They rule functions such as metabolic rate, hormone balance, immune system, blood sugar regulation, calcium balance, growth.

It is also said that human personality and personal magnetism result from normal and proper functioning of the glands. Because these ductless glands reside along the center line of the body, through their delicate balancing action by the Main Central Vertical Flow, they allow form and spirit to co-exist, bringing absolute freedom from all limitation.

The Main Central Vertical Flow nourishes our Being. In its least manifest aspect it is the Breath, the ultimate healer. In its most manifest, the spine. Through the vertebrae and their corresponding fingers, specific organ disharmonies, nerve pain and symptoms throughout the body can be helped.”

Ama no minaka nushi no kami ~ the Divine Presence in the Honorific Center of the Universe.

Thank you, Susan.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, Master Jiro.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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