A reader asks…

…about bradykinesia.

Jin Shin Jyutsu is intended to complement, not replace, the advice of your own physician or other healthcare professional.

That said, I will try to explain bradykinesia as I understand it. I have been studying JSJ for 10+ years and still need to learn myself.

First, the reader must have taken at least one 5-day Basic class in order to know enough to ask the question. Do not hesitate to contact your teacher. All teachers happily answer questions their students may have. Remember that I am yet a student myself and have occasionally availed myself of help from one of my many teachers.

Bradykinesia refers to slowness of movement and is a clinical feature of Parkinson’s disease.

It will be helpful for the client to hold the thumb, which relates to the 1st Depth, Stomach and Spleen. It also relates to Safety Energy Lock 1, which is the “Prime Mover”. SEL 1 is a descending 1st Depth flow that is the birthplace of the supervisor flows, and therefore helps all depths. SEL 1 is the “Leader”, the “General Practitioner” and initiates all movement. The client can also hold opposite 1’s simultaneously as a self-help flow. Remember that SEL 1 is located on the medial (inner) aspect of the knee.

A practitioner can give the client the flow to Unlock “Safety” Energy Lock 1 as illustrated on page 15 of Text 1. (This is not the Self-Help Text 1, but the one studied by student of the 5-day Basic class.)

The flow to Unlock SEL 1 can be done easily by the client as well.

Parkinson’s disease is a brain disorder, so all face flows will help. Stomach Function Energy Flow is a face flow, as are Bladder Function Energy Flow and Gall Bladder Function Energy Flow. These flows are given in Text 2 from the 5-day Basic class. If I am helping energy to flow to the head, I need to finish the flow by holding 7’s (great toes) to draw energy down and help bring the body, mind and spirit into harmony.

When I think of Body Organ Flow, my mind goes directly to the finger relationship for self-help: thumb for stomach, index finger for bladder and middle finger for gall bladder.

Jin Shin Jyutsu works best if self-help is practiced on a daily basis.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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