I’m thinking…

…that you might be thinking today is Wednesday, April 30, 2014 in beautiful downtown Montclair, New Jersey, USA.

Well, actually, it isn’t…it is Debbieday!

I love this category in my blog…mostly I focus on JSJ because this art changed my life…but here I can write pretty much anything I want!

March was an interesting month for me. I turned 68 and 6 days later was rear-ended at a stop sign. Now what is the Universe trying to teach me?

8 days after that my best friend and lover, who turned 81 in April (yes, love can come at any age), drove me to the orthopedic surgeon who had performed a 2-level disc and fusion at C5, 6, 7 in October, 2010, to make sure the titanium plate was not dislodged. Upon arriving home, my dear friend tripped and fell, fracturing his femur and multiple bones in his hand as well as dislodging the lens in his eye (from cataract surgery). All these injuries are on the right side. Now what is the Universe trying to teach him? Me?

After corrective surgery, he was transferred to a short term rehabilitation facility. Yesterday he had the cast on his hand removed and climbed stairs for the first time. He wonders at learning to walk (forward, backward, side-stepping) at 81 and the challenge it represents. It doesn’t seem so bad when we learn the first time…at  1 – 2 years old…or maybe we forgot how many times we fell? What is the Universe teaching him, as a participant, and me, as an observer? We have another 4 weeks to meditate about this.

For the past month I have not had time to care for myself beyond 3x daily JSJ and helping him…at the hospital all day, at the rehab most days….except when I took Ian Harris’ class the first two weekends in April. (Aside: Laughter (15) may be the best medicine, but helping another is surely 2nd best! While helping others I feel little pain. The moment, the instant, I stop, the burning pain and kettle-drum throbbing returns with a vengeance.)

Last week I began to have sessions with my Network Chiropractor. For those who don’t know, he is a regular, highly trained chiropractor plus has joined a growing group of chiropractors who do not make spinal “adjustments” but rather open “gateways” along the spine with a JSJ-kind of gentle touch. “Gateways” are similar to JSJ Safety Energy Locks; many in the same place along the spine. I go to him because I cannot reach my spine, and while JSJ self-help will help my spine even if I can only touch my front and sides, it is more efficient to see a practitioner when there is a new project. This speaks to unity. My Network Chiropractor has a way of explaining energy, unity and individualism: The Rogue Wave. I will make another category so that you can read and reflect on it.

I see Dr. Witt 3x weekly and when yesterday’s session was complete, I told him I am aware that energy has no limits and is effortless. He said, when in harmony: My energy from the Source/Universe is continual, allowing me to be all I am meant to be and to do all I am required to do as my journey continues on the path to complete self-unity of mind, body, spirit and complete unity with the Universe and yet not be overwhelmed (I paraphrase). When I am overwhelmed and trade my joy for pain and exhaustion, it is because I am doing the “rogue wave” thing again. In JSJ 5th Depth terms, I am saying to the Universe, “Oh, I see what needs to be done…just sit back, Universe, and I’ll take care of it!” That is not how it works. Effort in my own energy will deplete me. Effortlessness in the energy of the Universe (Unity) is endless and I continue to work out the plan for my life here WHILE remaining happy, joyous and free throughout and I actually don’t tire.

What I need is an “attitude” adjustment: little finger, heart/small intestine, SELs 23, 24, 15, 18, 20, 5th Depth, pretense-try-tos.

So I shall hold my little finger and breathe…on this Debbieday.

I DO hope sharing my experience will help and heighten awareness in some of you, my dear readers.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

4 thoughts on “I’m thinking…

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing your “Debbie Day” blog, Debbie .. There are times when people wonder why a person who assists in opening one’s path to healing would experience moments of suffering. Perhaps some are drawn to natural forms of healing .. because we know what it is to suffer. In a sense, we become our own “case studies” and then share our findings with others, in a confident manner. Warm wishes for a complete recovery for you both .. Catherine

  2. Rico Dolot

    Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading your blog. If possible, from now on, consider everyday a Debbieday!

    1. Debbie Beaton Post author

      Yes, it is in the plan. I’ve been trying to present Mary’s 3 Self-Help Texts and respond to additional questions separately. Thank you and I will address pulses and body language in the near future.


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