The 9th Depth

9th Depth qualities/relationships are:


9th Depth is “No-Thing”

9th Depth is not nothing. It is “No-Thing” It is nothingness; space.

9th Depth No-Thing is expressing itself as 8th Depth Infinite Truth (IT) – The Infinite Truth that “We are ONE, the Cosmos itself.” From this ONENESS of 8th Depth Infinite Truth energy slows down or denses down into limitless elements of 7th Depth Infinite Self (IS). Here we see our 7th Depth Infinite Self as a perfect microcosm (7th Depth IS) of the macrocosm (8th Depth IT).

7th Depth Infinite Self denses down as 6th Depth Impersonal Self (IS), Main Central Vertical Universal Harmonizing Energy continuing to move into the other depths of 5th Depth, 4th Depth, 3rd Depth, 2nd Depth, 1st Depth.



Once again, I like to meander through my mind and envision the depths. It seems to me that from No-Thing (9th) Depth, comes the first manifestation of pure energy/no-thing/chaos and that is vibration (music and movement) in 8th Depth. (Some call 8th Depth “God” or “Big Bang”).

As energy becomes more dense, and from 8th Depth music/movement comes Light, 7th Depth. I imagine continual showers of light surrounding my body like a soft summer rainfall and then it becomes more dense to become 6th Depth…my very own personal blueprint.

From the 6th Depth my vertebrae develop. Then 5th Depth brings my head, limbs, sex distinction and ears. Then 4th Depth becomes my brain and nervous system followed by 7th Depth where the first signs of life begin in utero (even though my heat is beating, it is not life until now). Third Depth is my circulatory system. Here comes 2nd Depth and skin and hair (I could use some more of that). Back to 1st Depth and my skull forms, my baby heart becomes independent and my endocrine system appears. Back to 2nd Depth where my respiratory system develops even more and my blueprint energy continues to spiral to 4th, 5th and back to 6th depth as I continue to grow.

This is the order of the depths as I grow in my mother’s womb.

There is an Order of Listening to Pulses, an Order of Supporters of Functions, an Order of 12-Organ Manifesting Function, an Order of Energizers of Functions which is 6th Depth Source of Energy and 3rd Depth Source of energy which is Evolving and Developing Man. All of this information can be found on the “Answer Sheet”.

But I cannot teach you that. I continue to learn myself. I can teach self-help and TEMPT you to look for 5-Day Basic Classes in your area at

I invite you to be the SMILE with me.

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