The 7th Depth

7th Depth qualities/relationships are:

the Element is Light

the Function is Connection

the Cervical Vertebrae is 4

the Planet is Sun

the Number is 11

the Color is Light

the Music Tone is B

the Day of the Week is Sunday

I like to meander through my mind and envision the depths. It seems to me that from No-Thing (9th) Depth, comes the first manifestation of pure energy/no-thing/chaos and that is vibration (music and movement) in 8th Depth. (Some call 8th Depth “God” or “Big Bang”). As energy becomes more dense, and from 8th Depth music/movement comes Light, 7th Depth. I imagine continual showers of light surrounding my body like a soft summer rainfall and then it becomes more dense to become 6th Depth…my very own personal blueprint. Wow!

You might want to look at the category “From No-Thing” now.

I invite you to be the SMILE with me.


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