A reader asks

…about flows that will help harmonize a chronic viral hepatitis disease of the liver, as it relates to the Star-Man Wheel.

Jin Shin Jyutsu is intended to complement, not replace, the advice of your own physician or other healthcare professional.

That said, I will try to explain the Star-Man Wheel as I understand it. I have been studying JSJ for 10 years and still need to learn myself.

First, the reader must have taken at least one 5-day Basic class. Do not hesitate to contact your teacher. All teachers happily answer questions their students may have. Remember that I am yet a student myself and have occasionally availed myself of help from one of my many teachers.

Star-Man is very helpful as we learn to bring harmony to body, mind and spirit. One important acronym I’ve learned is “USE”. Star Man has a face, two arms and two legs. If you turn the wheel so his face is on 3rd Depth Liver/Gallbladder, you can apply the acronym.

USE: Unburden, Support, Energize  

“Unburden” is for 2 after (Star-Man’s left leg, or 5th Depth Heart/Small Intestine)

“Support” is for 2 before (Star-Man’s right leg, or 4th depth Kidney/Bladder)

“Energize” is for 1 before (Star-Man’s right arm, or 3rd Depth Liver/Gallbladder)

Since harmonizing energy flows clockwise and disharmonized energy flows counter-clockwise, we want to make sure that every SEL is open before we release the blocked energy at 3rd Depth Liver, which has been “dammed” up. (…and backing up). So you can open 5th Depth Heart/Small Intestine, then 4th Depth Kidney/Bladder and final bread down the dam at 3rd depth Liver/Gallbladder.

Cause could be either 1st Depth Stomach/Spleen or 4th Depth Kidney/Bladder or 5th Depth Heart/Small Intestine and, since the manifestation of the dis-ease is 3rd Depth Liver/Gallbladder, then poor 2nd Depth Lung/Large Intestine is starving.

Remember what you learned in class about the order of the depths: 1st, 3rd, 2nd, 5th, 4th.

Take a look at your Star-Man. Note the position of 6th Depth (your own personal blueprint) Lumbar vertebrae.

This leaves us with many JSJ choices as to causes and flow options. That is why we need to learn to listen to our pulses. We listen for harmony. Where we hear disharmony, we have a place to begin and use the JSJ tools. Practice listening to your pulses every day. KNOW MYSELF IT IS.

I do not know the particulars, but usually tainted blood brings the virus to the liver where it can exist undetected for years…or not.

We know we draw from our own personal 6th Depth Blueprint every day. Also, we can draw new healthy cells from that Blueprint. Different cells of our body are renewed at different lengths of time; eventually every cell is replaced with a new, healthy 6th Dept cell! Remember that “down the front” is masculine, creative generation energy flow and “up the back” is feminine, cleansing, regeneration flow.

Everything is related to everything. This is why Mary said that she considered herself a student of JSJ all the years of her life.

Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help must be practiced every day to help harmonize our body, mind and spirit.

One flow may be more efficient for a particular project, but simply holding (jumper-cabling) your thumb will work to bring harmony…it just takes a little longer!

Also, the Self-Help for Fatigue Flow Adjustment (Trinity) is like bringing out the “big guns”! It harmonizes, the Main Central, both Supervisors and both Mediators.

1. Place RIGHT fingers at top center of right half of head

2. Place LEFT fingers at top center of left half of head

I recommend 20 minutes morning and evening and propping your upper arms on pillows. Remember, it is a light touch.

I hope this helps…don’t forget to call your teacher!

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings




3 thoughts on “A reader asks

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you Debbie

    I have taken 5 day courses and i am revisiting my notes.
    Every day a study i have a new undertanding of art.
    At this point I can say than your note about
    2nd Depth Lung/Large Intestine is starving

    is true, by my own experience, by the deeply and profund peace that lung flow promotes.

    I will study deeply and very well your post and give notices in this post.
    Thank you again


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