A reader asks

Jin Shin Jyutsu is intended to complement, not replace, the advice of your own physician or other healthcare professional.

That said, I will respond to the reader who asked about Heart Function Energy. Actually, the reader asked about “heart function, one of the supporters of liver function”. I’m not too sure if the reader means the 3rd Depth Liver as the supporter for 5th Depth Heart.

I think the reader is referring to the Star-Man wheel. According to Star-Man, 3rd Depth Liver/Gallbladder supports 5th Depth Heart/Small Intestine. 5th Depth Heart/Small Intestine supports 1st depth Spleen/Stomach, therefore Heart does not support Liver on the Star-Man wheel. 4th Depth Kidney/Bladder supports Liver/Gallbladder. I hope this information is helpful. I’m not sure that I understand the question fully.

It will not hurt to briefly address Heart Function Energy as presented by one of the 24 teachers in a 5-day Basic Seminar. I will write only about the Self-Help aspect of the Flow.

For the Left flow:

Left hand on left 11 with right hand on left  17. Then move right hand to right 22. A quickie would be to place left fingers lightly on right high 19 and right fingers on opposite (left) 7.

Reverse hands for the Right flow.

Harmonizing Heart Function Energy will help with all vital projects, macular degeneration, epileptic seizures, blood circulation, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, repressed anger, insomnia, rheumatic fever, thin hair, dry skin, asthma, depression and will help prevent strokes and varicose veins.

Another quickie is to hold SEL 24 and the 4th toe of the right foot.

I’m all about fingers and breath…gently hold little finger and practice conscious breathing; through the nostrils, by exhaling slowly and deeply (down the front) and inhaling slowly and deeply (up the back).

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

1 thought on “A reader asks

  1. Duarteu

    Hello, my question is about cause and efect in star wheel. Ir someone as a cronic project like viral hepatits in Liver the cause could be in kidney 4 dept or heart 5 dept.i have to study bether this theme. Thank you


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