The 3rd Depth

3rd Depth qualities/relationships are:

the Finger is Middle Finger

the Attitude of Anger

Safety Energy Locks 16-22

the Element is “Key” (Wood)

the Function is Blood

the Stress is Reading

the Project is Eyes

the Age is 31-45

the Organs are Liver/Gall Bladder

the Cervical Vertebrae is 2

the Astrological Sign is Pisces/Aquarius

the Planet is Jupiter

the Number is 8

the Color is Green

the Music Tone is C

the Day of the Week is Thursday

the Season is Spring

the Direction is East

the Metal is Tin

the Mineral is Sapphire

the Taste is Sour

the Smell is Rancid

the “Quickie” is SEL 14

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