To Unlock Safety Energy Lock 23

A reader asked about SEL 23.

In Text 1, only taught by one of the 24 qualified teachers in 5-day basic seminars, there is a flow to unlock “Safety” Energy Locks Nos. 23, 25.

SEL 23 is an ascending 4th Depth SEL. It maintains circulation, clearing toxin from muscles; it helps digestive disorders, hearing disorders and bone marrow projects. SEL 23 is at the kidneys on the back of the body and this flow will help many different conditions.

SEL 25 is an ascending 5th Depth SEL. It helps all bone issues. SEL 25 is located on the back of the body at the base of the pubic (sit-down) bone. It is located where the bladder lives.

SEL 23 controls human destiny. SEL 25 quietly regenerates. This flow is good for all critical projects. Muscles/kidneys (23) and bones/bladder (25) work together to harmonize deep layers of muscles/bones/circulation. Motion becomes emotion if we don’t move. This flow with help release fears/phobias, balance shyness and hyperactivity. It will help us make choices and even help us overcome jealousy and prejudice. It helps people with ADHD.

Open SELs 23 & 25 will help the immune system, blood conditions, clotting/platelets, the ciruclation and composition of blood, lymph projects, fibroids, adrenal gland issues, wounds that don’t heal, addictions, will detoxify our body. They will help diabetes, high cholesterol, tumors, gas/water retention.

Quickie self-help suggestions:

Gently hold SEL 3/opposite SEL15;  or same side SELs 23/22,  or SEL 5/opposite SEL 25,  or holding little finger.

In case you wonder why holding the little finger instead of the index finger (one side of the index finger is related to the bladder, the other side is related to the kidney), in the 5-day basic seminar you will learn that the flow for both kidney and bladder descends the back right along the spine. I frequently hold the sides of my index finger to alleviate pain from two prior spinal disc/fusions surgeries and 3 herniated discs. And so the flow for SEL 23/25 is different from the Body Organ flows for Bladder and Kidney.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


1 thought on “To Unlock Safety Energy Lock 23

  1. amit Shah

    thank you so much. this is really helpful and very informative. i would be very grateful if you could help me out with mouth sores .inside of the mouth, tongue and inner side of lips. thanks bhavna


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