The 2nd Depth

2nd Depth qualities/relationships are:

the Finger is Ring Finger

the Attitude of Sadness

Safety Energy Locks 5-15

the Element is Air (Metal)

the Function is Deep Skin

the Stress is Reclining

the Project is Skin

the Age is 15-30

the Organs are Lung/Large Intestine

the Cervical Vertebrae is 5

the Astrological Sign is Aries/Taurus

the Planet is Venus (Uranus)

the Number is 9

the Color is White

the Music Tone is E

the Day of the Week is Friday

the Season is Fall

the Direction is West

the Metal is Copper

the Mineral is Emerald

the Taste is Tart

the Smell is Fleshy

the “Quickie” is Calves


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