All About Mary

Mary wrote 3 Self-Help Jin Shin Jyutsu Textbooks. It was her passion that people should know how to help themselves.

With the permission of Mary’s son, David Burmeister, I will share some basic information from those books; the very same books I use when I am teaching a Self-Help class.

I strongly suggest that the reader consider purchasing the three textbooks and implement the recommended flows on a daily basis.You will find all three books at

Today we will begin our review of Introducing Jin Shin Jyutsu Is. (continued): KNOW MYSELF IT IS, Book II by Mary Burmeister.

This textbook focuses on the Physio – (Nature[Creator’s Art] Philosophy – (Effortless Reality); the Cosmic Artless Art to KNOW (Help) MYSELF.

She begins on Page 1:

Jiro Murai, upon realization of a connection between the body and the utilization of hands in the various ways in prayer, decided to continue his research in fasting and prayer.

Daily, he experienced the circulation patterns in his body. Eventually he recorded his experiences. This research he name “JIN SHIN JYUTSU”, KNOW MYSELF IT IS., Art of the Creator through Compassionate Man.

In the earlier years of his experience he called it “Jin Shin Jyutsu” but with the character symbols meaning simply Body-Mind Art. However, as he researched deeper into the Art, he renamed the art “En Mei Jyutsu”, meaning Long-Life or Art of Longevity. After many years of research he realized the depth of the art and again renamed it “JIN SHIN JYUTSU”, KNOW MYSELF IT IS, the Creator’s Art through Compassionate (aware and understanding) Man.

Mary believes it will facilitate the understanding by the masses to call the art “PHYSIO-PHILOSOPHY” – KNOW MYSELF IT IS. Physio means Nature (one Order) and Philosophy means the Effortless Reality (Being the Non-being – “NATURE – THE EFFORTLESS REALITY”, KNOW MYSELF IT IS.)

“INTRODUCING JIN SHIN JYUTSU IS, Book I” came to a close with the following: (7. Through half a century of Master Murai’s untiring efforts to rediscover the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu and nearly thirty years of my (Mary’s) study in the art, testimonies from all over the world can be obtained. However, why not be your own testimony?


Next time we’ll review the 7 steps from Book I.

Thank you, Mary.
Thank you, David

JIN SHIN JYUTSU IS. – the Getting to KNOW (Help) MYSELF is not intended to be a substitute for regular medical attention by the recognized medical authorities.


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