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The following third sequence is for general daily supply of energy by simply utilizing combinations of the 26 “keys” for unlocking the “safety energy locks” located on the “monitor” or “supervisor” energy pattern.

C) For General Daily “individualized” body energy revitalizing of POSTERIOR DESCENDING (down the back of body) energy – for RIGHT side of body:

1) Place left fingers on RIGHT side of cervical vertebrae (on neck between ear and spine).

2) Place right hand (back of hand or palm side) at base of spine (coccyx).

3) Move right fingers to back of RIGHT knee (center back of knee).

4) Move right fingers to RIGHT lateral (outer) side of ankle below RIGHT ankle bone.

5) Move right fingers to RIGHT little toe (sandwich little toe with thumb and a finger).

This sequence aids in releasing tensions causing head, back, elimination, and leg discomforts.

The above is the sequence for the right side energy pattern.
The sequence for the left side of the body is simply in reverse.

NOTE: As time permits, both the right and left sequences may be applied. However, if time does not permit, or only one side of the body is tense, only left or right side need be applied. Each position should be held until you can “hear” of feel the body pulse come into rhythm with the universe. Until practice “hearing” your body pulse is accomplished, try to hold each position for a minimum of two minutes (which is a long time) or more if one position is more tense than the others.

Project No. #3, the three sequences outlined in yesterday’s and today’s posts, are for special daily maintenance to be in complete harmony mentally, emotionally, digestively and physically.

Next time we’ll learn Project No. 4 – Special Sequences, which will complete our review of  Introducing Jin Shin Jyutsu Is., Book I by Mary Burmeister.

Thank you, Mary.
Thank you, David

JIN SHIN JYUTSU IS. – the Getting to KNOW (Help) MYSELF is not intended to be a substitute for regular medical attention by the recognized medical authorities.

Mary wrote 3 Self-Help Jin Shin Jyutsu Textbooks. It was her passion that people should know how to help themselves. With the permission of Mary’s son, David Burmeister, I will share some basic information from those books; the very same books I use when I am teaching a Self-Help class. I strongly suggest that the reader consider purchasing the three textbooks and implement the recommended flows on a daily basis. You will find Introducing Jin Shin Jyutsu Is, Book I at

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