The 1st Depth

1st Depth qualities/relationships are:

the Finger is Thumb

the Attitude of Worry

Safety Energy Locks 1-4

the Element is Earth

the Function is Skin Surface

the Stress is Sitting

the Project is Stomach

the Age is 1-15

the Organs are Stomach/Spleen

the Cervical Vertebrae is 1

the Astrological Sign is Cancer/Gemini

the Planet is Saturn

the Number is 5

the Color is Yellow

the Music Tone is G

the Day of the Week is Saturday

the Season is Hottest Summer

the Direction is Center

the Metal is Lead

the Mineral is Black Onyx

the Taste is Sweet

the Smell is Fragrant

the “Quickie” is Deep 6/Little Toe

3 thoughts on “The 1st Depth

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you for sharing your post.
    For me, a young learner, it’s a great help to learn new aways to understand the art and help myself.
    I usualy use fingers and mudras, to help myself because i have to manage a cronic project, but like to try some flows like 23 and 25.

    Its good if you can write about heart function, one of the suporters of liver function.
    Onother interesting thing, that i am trying to understand is sequence on flow like a prayer.

    Thank you very mutch.

    1. Debbie Beaton Post author

      Thank you for writing and your interest in this wonderful healing Art.
      I will address each suggestion: heart function, liver function and flows for SELs 23 and 25 in future posts.
      If you are quite new in your study of Jin Shin Jyutsu, you might find it helpful – and very interesting – to practice learning and listening to the Safety Energy Locks in this fashion:
      use one hand as an anchor on SEL 1 while you move the other hand (pausing to listen) over SELs 2-14. Then move your anchor hand to SEL 15 as you move the other hand, listening, over SELs 16-26. I think you will be amazed. Practice on a friend or family member, too. Listen to the SEL pulses. When you do this exercise on yourself, it might be difficult to reach some SELs. For the purpose of performing this exercise, you may use the back of your hand, or even put your hand on the complimentary SEL on the front, where you can reach. You will begin to understand the sequences flowing like prayers
      Also, there will be a change in the mudras in the new Textbook I publication. It is at step 6. Instead of touching your ring fingernail with the palm side of your thumb, you will touch your middle fingernail with the palm side of your thumb. I will explain more fully in a future Self Help post in the category All About Mary.
      Again, thank you for your comments and suggestions.
      Let me know the results!


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