Articulating the Artless Art, Part 3

Phyllis Singer contributed an article to issue Number 29, Summer 2000. Articulating the Artless Art ~ The Nature of the Safety Energy Locks.” This is part 3:

14 IS… Expanded knowledge of what it takes to sustain myself and maintain equilibrium in life.

15 IS… Joyousness, light-heartedness and an abundance of laughter.

16 IS… Feeling transformed, active and flexible.

17 IS… Relaxation available to me with an ability to foster this quality in others.

18 IS… Deepened body-awareness with a personality truer to my essence.

19 IS… Feeling empowered, trusting myself and my leadership.

20 IS… Experiencing an everlasting connection with nature and the Universe.

21 IS… Able to identify and let go of worry, finding profound security enveloping me.

22 IS… A markedly greater balance between receiving and giving in my life, allowing me to feel complete.

23 IS… In touch with my destiny with awareness of cyclic movement and patterns in life.

24 IS… Feeling harmonized with an enhanced sense of putting order into chaos.

25 IS… Enjoying personal sanctuary where I can quietly regenerate spirit, mind and body.

26 IS… Being Fulfilled.

A dictionary meaning for “articulate” is “to give clarity or coherence to” which could also be a definition for Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Expressing my experience of Jin Shin Jyutsu through the nature of the Safety Energy Locks has provided an opening for conveying the significance of this powerful Art, as it reveals itself in a life. Articulating this Artless Art through the Safety Energy Locks offers an opportunity for new insights to emerge each time I surrender to the process. I invite you to practice this exercise for yourself in a way that shares and illuminates the meaning of each Safety Energy Lock as IT IS in your life. Experience it again periodically, noting any transformation in your express. For now, one word sums it up for me – GRATITUDE.

…full text is available at

Thank you, Phyllis.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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