Articulating the Artless Art, Part 2

Phyllis Singer contributed an article to issue Number 29, Summer 2000. Articulating the Artless Art ~ The Nature of the Safety Energy Locks.” This is part 2:

“Inherent and essential qualities” is a dictionary definition of “nature”, so why not speak through the nature of the Safety Energy Locks? Since I have been a Jin Shin Jyutsu student I have noticed many improvements in my life:

Safety Energy Lock

1  IS…     More movement with an ability to study fixations and to get beyond them.

2  IS…     Making wiser choices, following my intuitive impulses, and feeling more alive.

3  IS…     Understanding what benefits or harms me with healthier boundaries as to what is allowed to enter or exit my life.

4  IS…     Deepened awareness about managing life, measuring out time for activity and rest.

5  IS…     Refreshed, able to let go of the old to bring on the new.

6  IS…     Balance, and the discernment to maintain that balance.

7  IS…     Magnified sense of success, victory and order in life.

8  IS…     Feeling strong and at peace, more in tune with the rhythm of the Universe.

9  IS…     More completion in relationships with an ability to use periods in my life instead of commas. Declaring the end so as to lay groundwork for a fresh beginning.

10 IS…     Experiencing abundance in all areas of my life. Feelings of lack give way to a sense of endless prosperity.

11 IS…     Being centered with an ability to let go. Life no longer appears unfair.

12 IS…     More acceptance and tolerance for myself and others.

13 IS…     An opening in the experience of love with an enhanced ability to reproduce my love for others, in others.

…full text is available at

Thank you, Phyllis.

More next time!

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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