Articulating the Artless Art, Part 1

Phyllis Singer contributed an article to issue Number 29, Summer 2000. “Articulating the Artless Art ~ The Nature of the Safety Energy Locks.”

It bears repeating.

“In my early years of sharing Jin Shin Jyutsu as the only practitioner in the heart of Florida I found it difficult, often impossible, to convey the meaning of Jin Shin Jyutsu to an ‘unknowing’ audience. I would ‘try out’ different explanations and watch the person’s eyes glaze over in front of me. I’ve shared with IT IS students the frustrations I felt the first ten years of applying an effective, efficient Art while lacking the ability to speak meaningfully about it.

This process became easier as I embedded myself in this Art of transformation. Daily conversations with clients and witnessing their life changes enhanced my self-expression. It was not until I instructed IT IS classes that I was faced with the quandary of guiding others in the ‘how to’s’. Common questions I would encounter were, ‘How do I tell others about Jin Shin Jyutsu? What do I say? What if they’re skeptical? Would you give us some examples of what you say?’

Just as life unfolds in its own paradoxical way, I was now faced with how do I put into words that which I had ‘gotten’ experientially. In the first few IT IS classes I fumbled my way through, earnestly giving examples to students’ questions about what I would say in certain situations. At the same time I realized the folly of this exercise, for how could I expect someone to be me while sharing with others? I was perplexed!

O.K. Universe! You’ve guided me this far; now what? This has been yet another lesson in learning to ask for help. Compassionate Universe ‘aha’d’ me the second morning of an IT IS seminar. The answer was so simple ~ right there at spirit, mind and body level. Speak through our commonality in the language of the Safety Energy Locks. All of us have our life experience as told through the Safety Energy Locks, and as long as we are communicating our personal messages, we are speaking our truth. After all, we are not proving anything, we are simply sharing awareness.”

…full text is available at

Thank you, Phyllis. I identify completely.

We’ll continue reading about Phyllis’ experience next time…

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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