Matthias Roth on Sel 26

Matthias Roth shares his experience with Safety Energy Lock 26 in issue Number 29, Summer 2000:

Giving myself a Big Hug to get into the Breath, I gently reach for 26.


26 is a return to Nothingness. Man’s story ends at 26 and finds the Oval.

Take a rubber band – a red one – and find the Oval. Put it on the table and see O, the Cosmic Egg, the symbol of NOTHING. My limitless, my formless Self, the Oval is the Breath of Life, the Fire of I AM. It is my backbone and my will to be. Creator’s story (1-13) begins with NO THING. Man’s story (14-26) returns there through the gate of 26.

26 is All. What was, what is, what will be, melts into NOW at 26, and NOW is All. All that was returns to Nothingness. All that will be is born from Nothingness. In NOW, the future is a fiction, and the past is a myth. In NOW lies all potential.

26 is Eight. Twist the rubber band – and see the Eight, a symbol of above-below, within-without. Turn it sideways, and see the symbol of infinity. Put a finger on its cross and follow the entire Eight, first going left: “What was, is and will be, IS.” Say it as you draw the figure – see how it matches perfectly? “IS” is the intersection.

See the symbol of endless possibilities and magic. Everything is touched by 26 – all colors, elements, and planets are contained in it. Hold the center of your palm to help the 26 help All. “He’s got the whole world in his hands…” – and so do you!

To end, untwist again and be NO THING.

…full text is available at

Thank you, Matthias.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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