Ian Kraut on SEL 26, Part 1

Today we’ll finish reading what Ian Kraut shared about his experience with Safety Energy Lock 26:

Safety Energy Lock 26 also helps with all arm and hand projects. I have seen and experienced many times a dramatic shift in these situations when jumper cabling the 26 and same-side affected area of the arm or hand. As it helps the fingers, all the depths are once again being affected.

As we look at the 26 flow on page 36, Text 1, we see Step 1, holding 26 and little finger (5th Depth) and ring finger (2nd Depth) = 5th Depth Small Intestine and 2nd Depth Large Intestine are connected with 13’s, our bust-line. Step 2 (Safety Energy Lock 12), Step 3 (Safety Energy Lock 21), and Step 4 (Safety energy Lock 19) all help waistline. Lastly, Step 5 (Safety Energy Lock 15) helps hip-line. So we are harmonizing our spirit, mind and body = total and complete. In the same vein, 15 is harmonized by 11 (15+11=26), 14 is harmonized by 12 (14+12=26) and 13 is harmonized by 4 (13+4=17); 17 is along the little finger function, 5th Depth = harmonized by 26. So again, we have 26 harmonizing bust-line, waistline and hip-line.

Once more, with its relation to the palm and 6th Depth, we know the feel of the pulse of 6th Depth – that fluff with tone which we may all recognize as “total peace and complete harmony”, another meaning of Safety Energy Lock 26. So, next time we give ourselves a hug and exhale, we can be aware that we are harmonizing totally and completely our entire being.

…full text is available at http://www.jsjinc.net

Thank you, Ian.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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