Ian Kraut on SEL 26, Part 1

Today we will begin to look at the last Safety Energy Lock, Number 26. Ian Kraut shares his experience with SEL 26 in issue Number 29, Summer 2000:

In thinking about Safety Energy Lock 26, and what might be found there, I realized the need to look at it from every possible vantage point – significance, location on the body and its place within the depths. All these things are, of course, interrelated and one more case of many levels co-existing and informing each other.

Twenty-six means complete, all-encompassing. It is the last Safety Energy Lock in the 5th Depth (24-26), which, Mary informs us on p. 66 of Text 1, is the combination of 1st to 4th Depths. So it is complete in helping to harmonize all 5 depths in the body. 26 is harmonized by holding the palm of the hand, which also helps to harmonize our 6th Depth, Diaphragm function. The 6th Depth has its relation to the Main Central Vertical which is our Breath Essence. 26 also means, “that which was, is, and will be”. In the Breath, we have the exhale descending (that which was), turning around at Safety Energy Lock 7, victory (that which is) and the inhale, ascending (that which will be).

When utilizing reversing and increasing of 1st Depth, we jumper cable Safety Energy Locks 9 and 26. Our 1st Depth lives with the skin surface, covering our whole body. This, too, is all encompassing. As we jumper cable 9 and 26 with thumb and fingers, our hand surrounds and covers the shoulder blade, through which we can access and harmonize all 6th depths. 1st and 4th Depths are on the bottom third of the blade, 2nd and 5th Depths are on the middle third, and 3rd and 6th Depths are on the top third.

…full text is available at http://www.jsjinc.net

Thank you, Ian.

We will continue to read about Ian’s experience with SEL 26 next time…

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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