doing, BEING, Part 4

Today we finish reading Cynthia Lenssen’s article from issue Number 28, Spring 2000:

doing, BEING (part 4)

Lucy passed on a little over a year ago, after almost 16 years of breathing projects. Every day providing her care was complex, intense, and very active. How thankful I am Mary did not “try-to” tell me what to “do” to “fix” my daughter. Instead she offered me a window – number 4 – Awareness.

Naturally, as a mother, I’ve felt sorrow, anger, fear, worry. Mysterious, elegant, powerful expressions of the Depths, these require the open window of awareness (number 4), lead us to appropriate action, and transform.

With the help of number 4, I was blessed with learning to BE with Lucy. We shared trillions of moments of exhaustless Joy in simply BEING together – while jumper cabling, cooking, washing nebulizers, playing, watching dumb TV shows, camping, on operating tables, even, in the end, as her body suffocated. Though her body’s gone, each moment in our lives of BEING radiates Light across time and space.

With our hands as jumper cables, with our minds open and curious, there is work to enjoy in our lives/in the world. This heart of Jin Shin Jyutsu Mary express as she begins jumper cabling: “God, BE my Do-er. BE my Teacher. Thank you, God. Thank you for this Beautiful Body.”

…complete text available at

Thank you, Cynthia.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings



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