doing, BEING, Part 3

We continue to read Cynthia Lenssen’s article from issue Number 28, Spring 2000:

doing, BEING (part 3)

With each experience of the jumper cable Energy – through self-help, hands-on from others, my own hands-on practice – my personal stash of fear and belief in lack (source of all that trying-to) dwindled a bit. As 4th and 5th Depths circulate and clear, they manifest in different forms: Inner Enlightenment, Safety, Equilibrium, BEING the Flow. Gradually, immediately, and moment by moment; through jumper cabling, through breath and through contemplation of the Physio-Philosophy, Jin Shin Jyutsu cleans the Being, allowing Source to re-Create. An art, a meditation, a lifetime study…Fifteen years into my study, each day, at one or five or a hundred moments, I begin to learn: “Watch the melting of the shoulders into the toes.”

Did Mary choose to negate the “do” questions of students too wrapped up in their desires to benefit from technique or of those ready for a different question? Mary emphasizes: “No comparing, no competing, with oneself or others.” What’s to distinguish our problems from opportunities, weaknesses from strengths, faults from talents? In Jin Shn Jyutsu we speak of Projects: foci of energy exciting, challenging, stressful, demanding – possibly all of the above. A Jungian psychologist, James Hillman, describes how very unpleasant the force of Creation can make our lives when we are not yet aware of, or expressing, our True Nature. Winston Churchill, whose orations moved millions, stuttered miserably as a child. Manolo, a revered matador, hid from strangers behind his mother’s skirts.

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Thank you, Cynthia.

Part 4 next time…

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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