doing, BEING, Part 2

We continue to read Cynthia Lenssen’s article from issue Number 28, Spring 2000:

doing, BEING (part 2)

In each of her classes I attended Mary responded to some student’s “do” questions with “I don’t do anything” while to others she’s simply give the name of the flows. In his 1999 class in San Francisco, Wayne discussed with students Mary’s statement regarding Jin Shin Jyutsu: “May none cast pearls before swine.” Ah Ha! Surely Mary could see I was in such a state of trying-to that any flows I’d utilize would be as much effort as they would be Jin Shin Jyutsu. Of course, I went home and did exactly this. Yet, though I didn’t realize it at the time, Mary had planted in my mind a seed, the greatest gift she could offer me: the awareness that trying-to is unnecessary. Awareness of 26 – Total Peace and Harmony – leading all of my doings and strivings back into the Main Central, Ama No Minaka Nushi No Mikato – Divine Presence in the Honorific Center of the Cosmos. For so long I’d tried to make harmony happen. Mary offered me the opportunity to shift focus to IT IS, IS.

When we try-to change someone – out of concern for their welfare, desire for control or for the gratification of having “done” a “good” treatment – we are focusing on an image created in the mind instead of listening.

A consummate do-er from an early age, I found ways to work around my habitual forms of thinking, to give room for Mary’s gift to grow. I’d treat my daughter while she slept, as it was easier then to observe and appreciate her Being, forgetting my personal agenda. At first I could not simply watch my shoulders exhale, I only knew forcing them down.

A dance teacher, Nancy Stark-Smith, gave me a hint: “Replace ambition with curiosity.” So, for years, I simply asked: Is melting possible? What’s here? What IS number 11? Is Safety Energy Lock 11 exhaling? I tried many tricks to stop absorbing “stuff” from clients (who’d walk off happy while I suffered “their” headache), until, finally, awareness dawned: it was my trying-to “fix” them that formed a personal connection energetically – a connection superfluous to jumper-cabling. As I began to practice (tentatively at first, as much an experiment as something I believed in) simply BEING the jumper cable I found I felt better, and results for clients often deepened.

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Thank you, Cynthia.

Part 3 next time…

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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