I’m thinking…

…about what Lynne Pflueger wrote about SEL 25, comparing rejuvenation with the awareness the five senses experience walking in nature.

A happy little memory came to me. I was with my grandmother in the woods…she was collecting loam for houseplants. It was morning, the sun filtered brightly through the trees, and as she stirred up the forest floor, the damp, rich smell of the loam hit my nostrils. Just then, I spied a single, pink Lady-slipper. The experience was out-of-worldly ~ well, I was only 9.

Reality came rushing back when my grandmother admonished me to never, never pick a Lady-slipper because they were almost extinct.

We walked back to the house together, the scent of loam lingering…I can smell it as I sit here at the computer!

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