How to Live with Sewage in Your Pipes

Well, here we are at the last day (EST) OF 2013. It seems fitting to share the Winter 1999/2000 Editor’s Corner article:

“Dear Friends,
The new Millennium is upon us! What significance the number 2000 holds – for wisdom with 3 zeros, the Trinity, within which all resides. My three year old daughter, when counting, insists upon beginning with zero. She says,’Mom, you have to have nothing before you have something.’ Whereas 1999 signified a year of completion, 2000 is one of beginnings, spaciousness, letting go, dropping the shoulders (a thousand times a day, says Mary), exhaling, being the No-Thing, so we may receive that which comes our way.

Which reminds me, upon recently returning from a family vacation that week, we were greeted with the remains of a backed up sewer which had partially flooded our tenant’s apartment in our home. In an attempt to remedy the situation while we were gone, he used our whole house central vacuum cleaning system hose to suck up the water and sewage. The smell in our house was overwhelming, with sewage now in the pipes throughout our house. In the long process of remedying the situation, it has allowed me the opportunity to contemplate various events in our lives that come our way.

When pondering this current situation with my wise friend Katie, she said that karma is complicated and that she believed that most of us in one lifetime or another have most likely done everything good or bad there is to do. We decided then that it’s not what happens to us in our lives that is the issue, it is simply how we respond to it. At which point the theme of a book (or at least this editorial) came to mind: ‘How to Live with Sewage in Your Pipes’.

Jin Shin Jyutsu in its infinite wisdom blesses us with the gift of an increasingly strong foundation, resilience, and attitudes that move through us rather than becoming woven in as the permanent fabric of our lives. In particular, part of this process of ‘keeping our pipes clean’ involves utilizing the Fatigue Flow, especially effective for fatigue, illnesses difficult to diagnose or cure, and for the lymphatic system. Also, when cancer is present in someone, often it manifests along the pathway of the Fatigue Flow. With the anchor on Safety Energy Lock 3, it seems especially appropriate at this time of year and for the new Millennium (with 3 zeros).

As part of our commitment to the year 2000 and beyond, remember to keep our system cleaned on a daily basis through JSJ self-help and with helping others so we may respond to each situation in our lives with utmost integrity, love, forgiveness and humor.

With deepest gratitude to Mary for her ongoing sharing of this wondrous Art with us all.”

Susan Brooks

…full text available at

Thank you, Susan.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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